Bhopal: Cows in deplorable state in state capital

BHOPAL: The Congress in its manifesto had promised protection and conservation of cows but on the contrary the condition of cows in the state capital is deplorable.

The seven to fifteen days, these cows spend inside the kanji houses might be the worst suffering for them. The cows are unable to even move and remain tied to a spot until they are released or sent to any goshala- this is despite civic body spending Rs 21 lakh in a year over maintenance of kanji houses.

The staff crunch for the Kanji houses further worsens their woes as there are only four men in a kanji house to manage over 60 cows at a time.

In a year, the BMC seizes some 4000 stray cows and sends them to kanji houses in: Shahjahanabad, Misrod, Anna Nagar, Bairagarh, Gandhi Nagar, Kokta and Khajuri.

If the owners approach for their release, the cows are released or else they are sent to the goshalas.

Vijay Tiwari, in-charge of Kanji houses balms the shortage of space and staff for the condition. We try to ensure that they do not get any trouble before we send them to goshalas, he said.

Hariom Sharma, a leader of a political outfit alleged the cows are not being feed properly in either goshalas or in the Kanji houses.

State-wide condemnation: The death of cows in Dabra, inside a school, is being condemned across the state. Even the chief minister Kamal Nath has expressed grief over death of cows.

Free Press Journal