Haji Karam Ghani
Haji Karam Ghani

BHOPAL: Cow lover Haji Karam Ghani has stopped eating for past one week after his favourite cow and a 10-day-old calf was stolen from his house at Gulabganj in Guna district. He has also announced a cash prize of Rs 10,000 for whoever finds his ‘family member.’

‘I have taken all the steps I can. I have filed an application with the Cantonment police station. I have also given an advertisement in the local newspaper and announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for one who finds it,’ said Haji Karam Ghani.

Haji said that it was an Australian breed cow with six udders. It had given birth to a calf 10 days ago. “I raised this cow with love for about eight years. Kesar (cow) was like my family member,” said Haji.

“She used to get special treatment from all my family members. She was also worshipped on festivals like govardhan puja on diwali,” he added.

Haji Ghani said that he had looked for the cow and calf in and around all nearby villages. He had also made announcements in villages and distributed pamphlets about the stolen cow. He said that he could not eat or lead a normal life from the day the cow was stolen. Since then his time is spent only on finding it.

‘I am doing all in my means and if I cannot find her out I will be forced to take the extreme step,’ he added.

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