Bhopal: Eagerly waiting for the election results, voters of Bhopal parliamentary constituency believe that the grasping contest between a Sadhvi and a seasoned politician would have a cliffhanger ending. The contest between BJP’s Pragya Thakur and Congress’ Digvijaya Singh will have a climax nothing less than Hitchcock’s thriller, said the voters in the city. When Free Press talked to a cross section of society to know their opinion about the election, they said that the contest has turned into an ideological warfare between the Right and the Left.

A bunch of politicians and intellectuals, belonging to both the ideologies flocked to the state capital and campaigned for candidate Digvijaya and Pragya. Consequently, people across the country are anxiously waiting for Thursday when the results will be announced. Thakur’s remark that Godse was a patriot has made the contest more interesting. Though the voters refrained from predicting the results, the general perception was: whosoever wins the seat the margin will be narrow. Excerpts: Kunwar Prasad, president, Bhojpuri Ekta Manch, Bhopal The voting percentage in rural areas was more in comparison to urban areas in Bhopal. It was more than 80% in Sehore and Berasia. So, it is very difficult to predict who will win or lose. But whosoever will win, the margin will be in between 1lakh to 1.5 lakh votes. Amrita Singh, wife of Digvijaya Singh may have influenced the Bhumihars, the Rajputs and the Christians. Satish Gangrade, president, New Market Vyapari Sangh BJP had declared its candidates late. The second thing is that when the name of the candidate was declared, she earned criticism for her remark over the martyred IPS officer Hemant Katare. And it was a negative marking for the party.

Also, the voting percentage in rural area especially Sehore and Berasia has increased. But everyone is confused. Nobody can predict what will happen. It is neck and neck fight. But whosever candidate will win, its margin may not be more than 5000 to 15000 votes. Sudhir Aazad, filmmakerNowadays, youths are not foolish. They have become more aware than earlier. So, it is not possible to divide them in the name of caste and religion. And in the election, they will only decide who is suitable for Bhopal. See, Bhopal has its won culture. And we want that the tradition of the city should remain the same. The city is away from social media race and voters have cast votes on the basis their thinking. So, we wish Bhopal se Bhopal ki Tehzeeb and Rivayat Jeetni Chahiye… Monika Jain, chairperson, Search and Research Development, Society I have not made any assessment of the results because I am an apolitical person. I just want that the candidate who will win, work for the development of the city and the state. I think, the issue of election should be unemployment, corruption, crime against women and children not religion. And if we work on these issues sincerely, we can make our city as a developed city rather than smart city.