Bhopal: The warning issued by Chief Minister Kamal Nath before Lok Sabha elections to his ministers is hanging like a sword of Damocles over their heads. At a meeting of ministers before Lok Sabha elections, Nath clearly said that if the party lost the polls in their constituencies they would have to resign. As the date for announcing the results is nearing, the fear among ministers about the outcome of election is visible.

According to information, a dozen ministers in the state government are running the risk of tendering resignation as the outcome of elections in their constituencies would not be in the party’s favour. There are chances of their party losing assembly seats and assembly areas of the Lok Sabha constituency. Minister PC Sharma is MLA from South-West Bhopal seat. Former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh contested from Bhopal Lok Sabha constituency. It is said that Singh’s prospects from South-West Bhopal constituency are not encouraging. Sharma during assembly election had got lead of around 7000 votes. The possibility of Singh getting lead from this area this time seems remote.

Bala Bachchan, who is close to Nath, won assembly elections from Rajpur of Badwani assembly seat. Rajpur comes under Khargone Lok Sabha seat. Bachchan had won assembly elections by around 900 votes. Govind Mujalda was given ticket from his Lok Sabha constituency. It is said that it would be difficult for Mujalda to get lead of votes from Bachchan’s area. Minister Sachin Yadav represents assembly area Kasrawad which comes under Khargone Lok Sabha constituency. Yadav spent all his time in Khandwa for election campaigning in favor of his brother Arun Yadav and it is said that the party is not comfortable in his own constituency. Congress candidate from this constituency may face defeat. Minister Pradeep Jaiswal is an independent MLA from Waraseoni seat of Balaghat district. Madhu Bhagat is contesting elections from this seat. It seems difficult for Jaiswal, who himself won in a triangular contest, to get Bhagat take lead in election from this seat.

Minister Pradhyumna Singh Tomar is representing Gwalior seat that comes under Gwalior Lok Sabha constituency. Congress has fielded Ashok Singh from this seat. It is said that there is bleak possibility of Singh getting lead from Tomar’s assembly seat. Minister Sajjan Singh Verma represents Sonkutch assembly seat which comes under Dewas parliamentary constituency. Prahlad Tipania is contesting from Dewas. Verma too gave most his time in election campaigning of Pankaj Sanghvi who is contesting from Indore. Congress may lose election from Verma’s constituency. Minister Govind Singh represents Lahar of Bhind assembly seat. Singh was assigned the task of ensuring victory of party on his assembly seat and Bhind. It is said that Congress candidate Devashish Jararia is not comfortable in Bhind. It is expected that Jararia may trail from Lahar.

Minister Prabhuram Chaudhary represents Sanchi assembly seat which comes under Vidisha parliamentary constituency. Shailendra Patel is contesting from Chaudhary’s area. BJP is said to be strong in Vidisha and it may get lead from Chaudhary’s area. Minister Harsh Yadav represents Devri assembly seat that comes under Damoh Lok Sabha constituency. Pratap Lodhi is contesting from Damoh. It is reported that Lodhi’s prospects are not bright in Devri. Yadav is facing difficulty in getting votes to Yadav as both the parties have fielded candidates belonging to Lodhi community. Minister Brijendra Singh Rathore represents Prathvipur assembly area that comes under Niwari district. Congress has given ticket to Kiran Ahirwar from this seat which comes under Tikamgarh Lok Sabha constituency. It is reported that there is remote possibility of Ahirwar getting lead from Prithvipur.