BHOPAL: The capital city will witness its first ‘Green Corridor’ on Friday morning, when a liver transported from Indore will reach to Siddhanta hospital situated in Bhopal. Earlier the shifting of the organ was scheduled on Thursday evening, which was rescheduled on Friday morning.

The ADM Ratnakar Jha and ASP traffic Sameer Yadav informed in the press conference, on Thursday, that the liver will be transported from MYH hospital from Indore, to Bhopal through air ambulance and on the same day it was planted in the patient admitted in the Siddhanta hospital.

The doctors coming from New Delhi was scheduled to retrieve the organ from the brain dead person admitted in the hospital and they will retrieve the liver at 6 pm.

The ASP Sameer Yadav informed, in the evening that, now the programme has rescheduled, the heart of the person has also to be retrieved and the specialist doctors will going to come from Chennai. Both the process of the retrieving the heart and liver will be done at same time and the liver will be brought to Bhopal. The schedule of the arrival will be planned after the retrieve, whereas the police and the administration are ready for the execution.

The route will remain to the earlier schedule, the ambulance will going to cross the Lalghati, Polytechnic Square, Roshanpura square, New Market and will reach the hospital.

To create the corridor 100 policemen, three DSP and five TI rank officer has been deployed. All the red lights of the squares will be switched off to give passage and the traffic will be stopped.

He informed that the city is in practice to have the VVIP movement and they know the protocols.

As per earlier programme of Thursday evening, the flight was scheduled to start from Indore around 9 pm and to reach Bhopal airport at 9.45 pm, the plane was to be brought to state hanger to save time.  Around 10 pm the ambulance loaded with organ was scheduled reach the Siddhanta hospital in 12 to 15 minutes. The distance between the airport and the hospital is 12 kilometre.

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