Bhopal: City hospitals gasp for oxygen as demands increase manifold

BHOPAL: Situation of oxygen availability is deteriorating day by day in the state capital. Rush of vehicles at BHEL for oxygen cylinders reflect the severity of the situation. Long queue of vehicles were seen at BHEL waiting for their turns for oxygen cylinders.

BHEL administration has strictly clarified that not more than 10 cylinders will be given so that it would cover maximum hospitals. BHEL is producing 600 cylinders per day. But demands are so high that everyone is demanding more cylinders. Rationing by BHEL management has led chaos in hospitals as they are not getting sufficient cylinders.

Besides, Bharati Air Product, Govindpura, produces 900 cylinders. There also heavy rush for oxygen was witnessed. Even police had to call to control rush. Bharati Airproduct make oxygen direct from air so family members of patients directly approached there for oxygen cylinders.

Not only in Bhopal, private hospitals of nearby districts too are approaching BHEL for oxygen but they are not getting oxygen cylinders as per their requirements. Despite BHEL management and Bharati Airproduct, demands are not being fulfilled in hospitals.

As per administration, it is trying level best to ensure proper supply of oxygen to hospitals. BHEL has started rationing in distribution of cylinders and it helps in covering more and more hospitals. Administration is exploring other avenues for oxygen cylinders. Collector Avinash Lawania had meeting with office-bearers of Govindpura Industries Association (GIA) for oxygen production.

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