Bhopal: It seems kidnapping is a growing business in the state. Every day, at least 27 boys and girls fall victim to kidnappers. The business is growing at an alarming rate of 10% per annum in the state. Very recently, twin boys were kidnapped from Satna schoolbus for ransom and were killed.

The states which fare worst in terms of child abductions are Maharashtra, Tripura and Assam, the latter has witnessed lynching cases related to child-lifting rumours, as well as Delhi and Goa. Sharing his views on why children are abducted, Bhopal IG Jaideep Prasad said sometimes girls elope with their boyfriends, and as they are minors, the police register complaints of ‘kidnapping’.

These girls return to their homes after spending some time with their friends. The IG added that kidnappings are caused by multiple factors. If a child is abducted for ransom, it catches attention of both media as well as enforcing agencies in the state. He added that some cases are reported late and in these cases, recovery of child becomes difficult for the police. He further said that prostitution is one of the reasons for abduction as the abductors kidnap them to use them as prostitutes.

It is also found that sometimes missing children are used in organ trade. Some of them are even used as bonded labour, domestic helps or to work in factories. Sometimes, the gang involved in kidnapping use th4e children for begging after chopping off their legs and hands. Interestingly, some girl children are ‘forced’ into marriages, sometimes for illegal adoption and others.

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