Bhopal: Chhindwara scheme, IIFA awards smack of corruption, claims Sharma

BHOPAL: BJP’s state unit president VD Sharma has made a sequence of allegations against former chief minister Kamal Nath.

Sharma made the accusations on Thursday in reaction to the Congress’s Aarop Patra (charge sheet) against the BJP government.

Nath who has been accusing the BJP of corruption is himself involved in graft cases.

Sharma wanted to know what kind of relationship Nath has with contractor Raju Mentona?

He also wanted to know the reason for giving Rs 450 crore to Mentona Company even before a project had begun in Chhindwara?

A huge amount of money was given to the media company of which former chief minister Digvijya Singh’s wife is a partner.

Sharma alleged that payment for Tamra Patra (copper sheet) meant for the farmers was made even before it had been printed.

In the name of IIFA awards, pressure was heaped on industrialists to benefit Bridgecraft Company, Sharma said.

Sharma also wanted to know the name of the friend of that company’s owner.

Sharma alleged that LPG Company was pressured to pay Rs 40 crore to Bridgecraft, and Birla Company was told to give Rs 4 crore to that firm.

He said, the Central Government said former chief secretary Gopal Reddy had no permission to enter the office, but Nath benefited him.

Nath gave Reddy important posts and made him chief secretary to encourage corrupt practices.

Nath who speaks of women empowerment has asked his wife to resign from the membership of Parliament and fought the election, but he lost it, Sharma said.

Nath is talking about purchasing of legislators by the BJP, but he himself was doing that, |Sharma further said.

Nath is charging the BJP with corrupt practices without giving his 15 months’ accounts to the public, he said, adding that MPCC president must reply to these questions.

BJP’s allegations a bundle of lies: Saluja

Congress’s media coordinator Narendra Saluja said Sharma’s allegations against MPCC president Kamal Nath came only after his party released a charge sheet against the BJP government.

Saluja wanted to know what prevented the BJP government from probing into a single scam that took place in the 15-month rule of the Congress.

If there was any scam, the BJP government must probe it and bring it to public with proof, Saluja said.

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