Bhopal: Buy artisans products campaign gains ground

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 04:58 AM IST


A campaign is currently underway in the social media urging people to buy goods from small artisans rather than from big stores and malls this Diwali.  This campaign is being run through a series of videos. Some of which have gone viral on Facebook and WhatsApp. Besides, there are other videos which call upon the people to make the less-privileged section of society share in the joy.

People in the city appreciated the social media campaign which encourages small artisans. Citizens have called it a ‘good initiative’. Parvarish- the Musuem School director and social activist Shibani Ghosh told Free Press, “I have seen some of the videos. They are good and inspiring. It is essential to create awareness and social media is suitable platform for this.”

She said, “Two years back, we used to make 1,000 pieces of papier-mâché diyas (earthen lamps). But when we realised that it is injustice with potters, we stopped it. Now, we buy diyas from potter and we sell it after getting it decorated by children of our school. We have been doing this for two years. In this way, kumahar and bachhon dono ke ghar mein diwali mann gai…


Similarly, a social activist, Kumud Singh said, “It is a good concept and initiative. It is good that people are feeling for others especially poor people. The campaign may inspire the people if it is implemented genuinely. It should not be for fashion or selfie. There are many people in our society who is doing the work before the campaign.”

“We also buy new clothes or sweets for poor children every year in diwali. Also, we decorate our home with clay-made diyas not lighting. We have been doing so for past 30 years. In fact, we share our happiness with them on other occasion too,” Singh added.

Lions Club Regional chairperson Shashi Budholiya said, “We have been distributing new clothes to the girls of Ganesh Nagar Slum areas for 10 years on Diwali. We also distribute new clothes, sweets to our domestics and wish them. She said that by doing this she gets satisfaction from inside.” She also said that she always buy diyas from artisans and never use crackers.


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