BHOPAL: Bhopal Municipal Corporation did nothing to make Upper Lake conservation a mass public movement. The ongoing de-silting drive has failed to yield desired result for the lack of public involvement. Upper Lake considered as lifeline and pride of Bhopal and people could have been mobilized for its conservation. Presently it seems nothing more than a formality, sans people association.

The municipal administration has got its machines positioned for the excavation and de-silting work at the Lake is going on at snail’s pace. BMC administration had taken a plea of imposition of MCC for the keeping the lake conservation and de-silting drive a low key affair. The administration had assured that after polling, it would associate public for de-silting drive.

Bhopal went to poll on May 12. Even after almost 10 days, no initiative has been taken by BMC administration in this regard. Now, once the elections are over and with MCC lifted, even if the municipal body decides to ensure people participation in the campaign, it would be too late as the drive has to be completed before the onset of monsoon.

De-silting of the lake is an annual ritual carried out ahead of the monsoon to increase its water holding capacity. Like any other year, the civic body began the work which currently is going at snail’s pace. Parched bed and catchment areas are targeted by the BMC for de-silting. The unearthed silt is being dumped at nurseries situated at Char Imli area and Kilol Park.

Besides, people are also encouraged to participate in the drive and even allowed to take away fertile excavated silt to be used for their nurseries and kitchen garden. In the first phase, de-siltation work of Upper Lake is being carried out in Bhadbhada region, in the nest phase the drive will shift to Khanogaon and Bairagarh area.