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BHOPAL: The ëblack fungal infectioní unit constituted at Hamidia Hospital has started full-fledged operations with the setting up of a separate ward. A team of doctors from four departmentsóENT, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Medicineóhas also been constituted.

Earlier, patients were moving from pillar to post for treatment of this new scourge and it is now a big relief for black fungus-infected patients that the treatment facility has begun full-fledged operations.

On Thursday, a Rajgarh-based patient, Kamlesh Kumar, infected with black fungus, died as treatment was denied to him at Hamidia Hospital. His relative said that the patient had come from outside the state capital and had been taken to Hamidia Hospital where he was denied treatment. Ultimately, the patient died. He had developed black fungal infection.

The doctors allegedly moved him from one ward to another. Initially, he was sent to the ENT department and then, to the medicine department, followed by the surgical ward, where he was put on oxygen support. And, finally, Kamlesh was shifted to a private hospital where he died.

In addition to Hamidia Hospital, a black fungal unit is also working at Jabalpur Medical College. Four patients have died there, so far. Fifteen cases of black fungal infection have been confirmed at Jabalpur Medical College which is covering a large stretch of nearby areas of the district. Just a couple of days ago, Itarsi-based Dr Pratap Verma lost his vision due to black fungal infection at Hoshangabad while undergoing treatment.

Others should follow

A separate ward has started functioning at Hamidia Hospital for the treatment of black fungal infection. Other public hospitals should also start treatment and only then will the burden on Hamidia Hospital be reduced. Weíre doing our best to treat black fungal infection cases. Now, the patients neednít move from one ward to another.
Dr ID Chaurasia, neurologist

What is this disease?

* ëBlack fungal diseaseí is naso-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis, which is caused due to the unhygienic condition of an immune-compromised Covid patient

* This disease is on the rise at an alarming rate in Madhya Pradesh

* Each day, nearly 20 cases are coming to the notice of doctors in the state capital for surgery as surgical removal of the infected part is the only way out at a later stage

* This rare-but serious-disease occurs mainly in fragile patients, notably diabetics or those undergoing an immunosuppressant treatment

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