BHOPAL : Some historical as well as mythological characters including Mauryan emperor Ashok the great, Lord Ram, Ravana, Shiva, Krishna and have others were showcased wonderfully by young leading Bharatnatyam danseuse Prachi Majumdar on Wednesday at Antarang Hall of Bharat Bhawan. It was part of a series ‘Aaspas’ of Bharat Bhawan.

Majumdar who hails from Mumbai took initial training of Bharatnatyam from Guru Girija Nair at a tender age of four. She has performed on various national and international stages. She has performed with eminent Bollywood actor Hema Malini in her dance group ‘Natya Vihar Kala Kendra’.

The expressive performance of Prachi left the audience spellbound. She presented as many as eight items based on nine Rasas. The programme began with solo performance of Majumdar, based on Shringar Rasa also known as Raspati or Rasraj, in which Radha requests Lord Krishna to take her to Vrindavan with him. In the beginning, Krishna turns down her request, pretending to be displeased, but later accepts when Radha beautifully describes the details of enchanting Vrindavan situated on the banks of Yamuna.

It was followed by other items in which Majumdar showcased different incarnations of Lord Vishnu including that of Lord Krishna, Vaman, Ram and also the scene of Sita Swayamvar.

After the mesmerising performance of Majumdar, ‘Madhurashtakam’ was presented by disciples of city-based noted Bharatnatyam dancer Manju Mani Hathwalne in ‘Raudra Rasa’. Also, a scene of Kalinga war as well as how the war changes the heart of Mauryan emperor Ashok the great was presented in ‘Shant’ and ‘Vibhatsa’ Rasas. The item won huge round of applauses from audiences. The programme concluded with an item ‘Gondhal’. In Maharashtra Gondhal is performed to please the divine.

Moreover, the dances were choreographed by Hathwalne and performed by Majumdar along with Shikha Villore, Pavitra and Shreya. Colourful lights was wonderfully designed by city-based noted light designer Kamal Jain and the programme was conducted by Sunil Vaidhya.

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