Archana Pare shows promise; solo expo draws appreciation

BHOPAL: The mélange of three art media, including ceramic, clay and Madhubani paintings painted on ply board and hand-made sheets by artist Archna Pare, were exhibited at Rangdarshni Gallery of Bharat Bhawan on Tuesday.
The exhibition was part of the first day of six-day solo relief painting exhibition ‘Sanskriti’.

Pare who hails from Harda, MP, displayed as many as 40 works in this gallery which have been prepared in past two years. This is the first exhibition of the artist and it won her huge appreciation.   She exhibited her works in three parts. In first part, she painted ‘Mandna’ in soothing colours. Mandna is popular folk art form of Rajasthan which depicts its culture, tradition and rituals.

Generally it is painted in marriage festivals on walls for decoration purpose.The way of presentation, selection of colour combination, especially the background colours including black, maroon, green white, yellow and blue highlighted the works, which is really commendable. She used ceramic cone and colour for painting instead of brush. The other specialty of her work is she presented this work in set forms.

In second part, she exhibited some relief works based on clay, which were also appreciated by art lovers. In these works, she portrayed some modern and tribal women by using clay and jute products on ply board. In this form she painted seven horses with Sun in yellow colour and old doors of village in black colours with beautiful finishing.

She also exhibited some Madhubani paintings in third part. Madhubani painting is popular art form of Bihar in which she painted Lord Krishna and Radha, fishes and some female dancers balancing earthen pots on their head beautifully. She painted it on handmade sheets by using Madhubani nib as medium. The exhibition will remain open till May 18 from 2 to 8pm.

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