Mahendra Singh seemed to be furious after Ajay’s supporters yelled slogans in favour of their leader outside the MPCC on Sunday night

BHOPAL: Even after biting the dust in the Assembly polls, the bitter group fighting has no end in MP Congress. It again came on surface following union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia’s lieutenant Mahendra Singh Kalukhera describing Ajay Singh’s appointment as CLP leader earlier as ‘ compensatory’. Kalukhera obliquely referred Ajay Singh’s appointment as CLP leader which was made after demise of his father and Congress leader Arjun Singh. It created controversy in the party with inviting strong objection from the party high command and counter allegation from Ajay Singh.

Ajay Singh said, Kalukhera has lost ‘ mental balance’. Though, Mahendra Singh’s statement forced the party to take notice on it, he later apologised for the comment. Both Singhs are front runner for CLP leader’s post in legislative assembly and claimed wide support of MLAs. Mahendra Singh who said he got support of 16 MLAs of union minister Kamalnath, 12 MLAs associated with Scindia and three associated with Pachori and four of Congress MP Arun adav, lobbied strongly for the CLP leader.

In all, 37 MLAs who belong to Digvijay camp, are learnt to have provided support to Ajay Singh to become CLP leader in one to one discussion with observers.Mahendra Singh however, seemed to be furious after Ajay’s supporters yelled slogans in favour of their leader outside the MPCC office on Sunday night.Talking with media persons, Ajay Singh said the senior leader should not have spoken this way and he would complain to the party high command in this regard.

In the evening, the party general secretary Mohan Prakash said the party won’t tolerate such statement and would take strong action.A day after collecting opinion of party MLAs for new CLP leader, the Congress on Monday did not take any decision as one of the observers Oskar Fernandez went to Bihar in the morning.

” Discussion could not be held on the issue between senior leaders to decide new CLP leader, deputy speaker and state president.It is likely to be made on Tuesday,” said party sources.

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