90% of CM Relief Fund disbursed in Raisen, Sehore: Nayak

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“How can the state government claim that Madhya Pradesh has developed in the 15 years when per capita income and purchasing power of the people has not increased?”

BHOPAL : Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Health Dr Narottam Mishra and the Congress MLA Mukesh Nayak had a heated exchange after Nayak claimed that almost 90 per cent of the CM’s relief fund was disbursed in Raisen and Sehore districts alone.

Cornering the government on budget proposals, Nayak said that as per government records, 5.5 of the 7 crore residents of the State were BPL cards holders and dependent on PDS shops. It shows that they do not have the purchasing power to even buy things of daily needs from the market. “How can the state government claim that Madhya Pradesh has developed in the 15 years when per capita income and purchasing power of the people has not increased?”


Nayak said, “In the Bundelkhand region, the situation was worse and the people were pawning their ration cards to get loans for migrating to other places.  Despite the mass migration, the government is making claims that food grains were being supplied. “The question is who is consuming these food grains?”

Central government had slashed allocations to the state by Rs 17,000 crore in the latest budget. As far as Krishi Karman Award was concerned, exaggerated figures were used to bag it, Nayak added.

Woman MLA asked not to speak in English


BHOPAL : The Deputy Speaker Rajendra Singh, on Wednesday, directed BJP MLA Parul Sahu not to speak in English as the assembly didn’t have English reporters.

After the directive, the MLA, who was participating in the general discussion on the budget, chose to end her speech midway with a plea – in Hindi – to make the film ‘Neerja’ tax free.

Talking to Free Press later, she informed that she wanted to present the Multiplier Effect theory of famous economist John Maynard Keynes about how to overcome economic recession by launching public construction works to increase the purchasing power of the masses.


 Congress MLA Jaivardhan Singh said that the state ranked 31st in the Education Development Index. He said that the state’s school education system was in a shambles and informed that 4400 schools were not having a single teacher and 17,000 schools were forced to make do with only one teacher.

Rate budget on happiness index: Sarang 

7000 ration cards issued in 6 months to win Maihar bye-polls: Cong

BHOPAL : BJP’s Vishwas Sarang and other ruling party MLAs had a wordy duel with Congress’ Sunderlal Tiwari when the former said that “The budget should not be judged on the basis of economic indicators like growth rate, GDP etc. In fact, it should be rated on the basis of happiness index. If the people are happy – as Maihar bye-polls results show – what can be wrong with the budget and the government?” Sarang said, adding, “However, the growth rate is in double digits.”

Congress MLA Sunderlal Tiwari interrupted stating that over 7000 BPL ration cards were issued in the six months prior to the Maihar bye-polls. And that was how the BJP had won in Maihar. He claimed that this was accepted by a Minister in the House.

Sarang said, “In the Congress regime, BPL cards were issued in the names of cattle sheds in Rewa.” Tiwari said, “Sarang is shooting in the dark but I am quoting from the minister’s reply and I can table it in the House if the Speaker permits” .

Good financial management led to rise in GDP: Malaiya

BHOPAL : Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, in his response to general discussion on income-expenditure for the financial year 2016-17 in the House on Wednesday, said the government has succeeded in increasing capital expenditure due to good financial management. As a result, Gross Domestic Product of state has increased from 1,24,276 crore to 5,08,006 crore. Currently, the ratio of Gross Domestic Product and loan taken is 18.70 per cent. In this way, the loan burden on economy has become half in comparison to 2003.

Malaiya said there is provision of rise of 62.88 per cent for Urban Administration and Development Department, 20.52 per cent for Public Works Department, 20.66 per cent for Water Resources and 15.92 per cent for Public Health and Engineering, in budget comparison to last year.

Mallaiya said Rs 49779.36 crore were taken as loan by the government between 2005-06 and 2014-15 and there was capital expenditure of Rs 63488.18 crore for infrastructure development in this period.

Capital expenditure was 2.80 per cent in comparison to State Gross Domestic Product in 2003-04 which rose by 1.5 times and became 5.04 per cent in 2016-17.

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