Whether or not the US Senate votes 
to impeach Trump, he should be prosecuted for instigating insurrection

Donald Trump did not have to notch up the dubious record of twin impeachments to go down in history as the worst ever American President. His name is set be written in the blackest of black letters for the generations to come. Whether or not the Senate follows the House and endorses the impeachment charges --- it is highly unlikely, with the Republicans withholding support --- Trump needs to be prosecuted under the ordinary law for instigating insurrection, causing storming of the Capitol. Five people died in the ensuing mayhem, which had the Senators and Representatives scurrying for cover from the marauding mobs.

That Trump has been at pains after doing the damage to distance himself from the stormtroopers, the very ones he said he loved and despatched to attack the Capitol, does in no way exculpate him from the charge of sedition. Anything that writes finis to his political career and scuppers his ambition to try and stage a comeback in 2024 should be welcome. Trump ought to be a dirty word in the lexicon of global politics.

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