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Distressing indeed is to watch our opposition leaders fighting among themselves for petty personal gains, than taking seriously the challenges staring at the face of the country. The leaders who claim themselves to be veterans and seasoned politicians in their pursuit to protect and preserve their personal interests have miserably failed the country.

Have they ever taken pains to analyse the reasons for Narendra Modi using desperately ultra-nationalism as the key agenda to win the elections. He knows that this agenda is the gate pass for BJP entering the parliament and he becoming the prime minister for the consecutive term.

Once he manages to become the prime minister, he is sure of changing the basic character of the country. He would vigorously supplement the initiatives of the RSS to convert India, Bharat, in a Hindu Rashtra. He is sanguine that if somehow the BJP loses this election, the BJP it would find it tough to come back to power in future.

It is not that the opposition stalwarts do not realise this. But even then they have been dog-fighting over sharing seats. Mayawti know that leaving aside UP she can’t win in other states, but she is out to inflict damage on Congress. In Bihar another important state after UP, is witnessing similar bickering amongst the opposition leaders. The situation has come to such a stage that the future of mahagathbandhan has been endangered.

The RJD and Congress leaders have issued veiled threat to each other; fall in line or will contest all the 40 seats. The matter of fact is both of them do not have resources to take on the BJP. How could they forget that NDA has been in power in Delhi as well in Bihar. These two engines will outwit the Volvo of Congress and RJD.

While the JD(U) and BJP have reached seat sharing, both contesting 17 seats each, the RJD and Congress are yet to choose their poll partners. What is most disgusting and depressing is in their quest to oblige and satisfy their family friends and relatives they have ignoring the Left Bloch which has massive support base. It is worth mentioning that CPI(ML) had won 3 assembly seats in 2015 assembly seats by defeating RJD and JD(U) candidates. It is irony that the RJD is not willing to give them their right share.

While the NDA has agreed to face the polls under the leadership of Nitish and the agenda would be development, the opposition has yet not evolved electoral strategy; whether to challenge Nitish or fight against fascist machination of Modi.

IUN 2014 the BJP had fielded 30 candidates on its own and managed to win 22. But in contrast in this election the has forgone five seats to JD (U). What made it to resort to this tactics. The opposition ought to realise this. Mere contesting large of seats is not the indicator of relevance of a party. The strategy must conform to the existing ground realities.

In both the states, UP and Bihar, a positive change was being witnessed in favour of the Congress and other opposition parties. If the Balakot air strike helped the BJP salvage its position, the bickering amongst the opposition has made the upper caste voters to flock again to the BJP.

It is sad that the Congress leaders instead of looking at the existing situation have been boasting of the golden days of Congress and threatening others to behave in rational manner. This is indeed a big but cruel joke. The situation has drifted to such a stage that incarcerated Lalu Prasad had to tell Congress to settle the issue of seat sharing within 3 or 4 days.

Confusion has cropped up due the entry of some heavy weight turn coats in the Congress. Their claim have put question mark on the candidature of CPI nominee, the former JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar from Begusarai. Both the RJD and Congress have staked its claim on the seat. The CPI has been waiting for clearance from these parties. The RJD and Congress have staked their claims on at least a dozen seats.

The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that the Left Block is planning to go alone. A couple of months back the RJD had assured the general secretary of the CPI (ML) to give at least two seats from where it has its MLAs. But now it has been retreating from its promise.

A senior CPI leader said, “Our talks with the RJD is ongoing and we will take a call on Kanhaiya Kumar once that is finalised. Both the state and local units have identified a seat for him and we have to see how the talks with RJD pass out”. The primary reason for unwillingness of the RJD to agree to Kanhaiya’s candidature has been of his belonging to upper caste, Bhumihar.

Arun Srivastava is a freelance journalist.
Views are personal.