The world is not fair to the United States. The U.S.A. likes to eat. Is it a crime to eat? In 1956, say the experts, every adult on an average proposes to eat 162 lbs of red meat. In addition, poultry and eggs will also be eaten and more milk drunk. Because machines reduce manual labour, less wheat will be eaten. Americans in fact will look more like handsome Tarzans. Is that the problem and the solution? No.

To eat all that meat and poultry, Americans must be paid more for their work than they get now. When they get more they want to buy more things. But American things produced by 162-lb meat eaters are too costly. So they buy things that come from other countries. Kitchen canisters from Japan and from Italy are cheaper. Fish fillets from Iceland and Canada sell quicker. Generators and transformers from Britain cost less. Photographic shutters from Germany displace the domestic variety.

Inmediately, American producers of these goods demand protection….Actually the problem goes round and round. To eat 162 lbs of red meat etc. High wages are necessary. High wages for the workers plus higher profits for the tycoons necessitate large exports. Large exports can be established only through large imports normally. And when there are large imports all domestic manufacturers of those imports shout and demand the shutting out of the barbarous world.

There is an abnormal way to export also. That is to export guns first and then ask the people who buy the guns to start wars and then when there is a war to step in and control the situation in countries like China and Arabia and Latin America. Once there is total control one can export without importing and give one’s workers 162 lbs or even more meat.

That is the way it should have been done, the world being so full of barbarous people. But something has gone wrong with the world…..

(EDIT, May 27, 1956.)

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