Tea & Therapy: Lost rapper, workaholic sister

Burden of expectation

I am an employee of a reputed company for the last eight months. I work as a content writer specifically dealing with food industry. Recently, I picked up a lead and ended up exposing a food chain of fraud. This led me to be in limelight for quite a few weeks at work. I am now looked up to by my colleagues as well as my senior manager. Until last week things were going well but then suddenly my senior got upset with my work because in his words it wasn’t ‘sensational’ like the previous one. I am not sure if working on the previous piece has led them to build certain conceptions about me which I may not be able to fulfill. I am dreading work now. What can I do?

- First of all, what you did with the help of your writing to expose the food chain is commendable, so congratulations for that. I believe that it must be overwhelming for you to constantly be under the speculation to present the next set of work at the same level as your previous performance. Since you are realising that this is indeed taking a toll on your wellbeing, holding a meeting with your senior is essential. Conveying to the senior that it may not always be possible to bring in ‘sensational’ work but nonetheless your work won’t be compromised in any way, could help.

The ‘lost’ rapper

I am 23-year-old rapper from a small town in Himachal Pradesh. I learnt things on my own and little help from internet. I was approached from a record label after I participated in a rapping competition held in Delhi. I was third in that competition and this record label really showed interest in my work. I am finding myself out of place as the work is at a different level. I enjoy learning but find myself at a loss many a times. How do I help myself and sustain this work environment?

- The sense of belongingness is quite high when we are in a new environment. We seek the familiarity in order to help us sail through the new areas. You are also in a similar process of finding your footing in the new work environment. Since the work is of your liking the transition process could be easier provided you narrow down things that are overwhelming for you. Once you know those things, working on it systematically can make it easier for you. You can also think of hiring some external help who is an expert in your line of working just to oversee things and coach you through the process.

Tea & Therapy: Lost rapper, workaholic sister

Bubble trouble

Hello. I started my journey as a call centre employee after my graduation. I stuck to the job as it was helping me get by my monthly expenses with some savings. It’s been four years since I last switched my job. I lately feel that I have never really ventured outside the little bubble I have lived in so far and that it is too late for me to do anything new. I am unable to understand whether it’s complacent attitude or mere saturation. Please help understand.

- Complacent attitude can set in when you are seemingly okay to be seeking comfort in an uncomfortable situation. If you are okay with how things at work are for you currently and do not wish any changes, it could also mean being content with the environment. However, your concern is getting too comfortable in the current work situation and a need for change. The change needs some definition as it can then be easy to translate it into reality. Venturing out also happens with the help of planning, thus first step is to invest into planning how you wish to switch your profession or job, then focus on what needs to be done to execute it and finally executing it. This process could ensure that you are aware about possible cons and move past them as well.

Workaholic sister

My sister currently started working for an ad agency. It is a small firm and is still to make its mark in the market. She is working unreasonable hours and it is taking a toll on her health. However, she insists on continuing to work her as this is her first job and she doesn’t want to look unprofessional as all others around her are adhering to the work culture. How can I help her?

- The way in which you want to help your sister requires some refinement. This job being the first is essential for your sister and might not be able to look beyond that validation especially from the practical points you are looking at it. In times like these when the other person is jaded with certain notions but you are aware of the pitfalls, it may not always be possible to prevent them from falling into those pitfalls. This doesn’t mean you don’t issue a warning and be there for them when they falter. You could simply be around and help pick them up without being condescending about it.

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