Yet another country has discovered the magic properties of music, the soothing, almost therapeutic effect has on humans and animals alike. In the Workers’ Dairy Farm in Shansi Province of China, it has been found that soft, light music…played at the dairy encourages cows to give more milk. With the help of such  music, the farm raised the yield of its milch cows from the usual daily average of 444.5kiolgrams to  514.5 kilograms. This did not involve any addition feeding to the animals either. When music was stopped or became too noisy, the report adds, the milk yields dropped.

It has already been found that plants grow better when they are treated to music. Thus music can make man more sublime, animals to behave and do better work and the flora to flourish. Ergo, open air concerts must be continuously held during the Van Mahotsava week at least. And now that it has been accepted by many other countries all that music can be as potent as, if not more potent than radio-isotopes, the case for total ban on monkeying with the atom is greatly strengthened.

Music, then must take over from the atom all along the line. Fortunately for us, India is ideally placed in this regard. Its rich musical heritage, further enriched by its spiritual appeal, should be able to deliver the goods in a better and bigger way than the mundane music of other countries can. As no foreign exchange will be involved in utilising indigenous musical talents, one big headache will

be the less in implementing the Second Plan too.

(EDIT, August 24, 1957.)

Free Press Journal