We warmly endorse this move

That students need no more attest documents (September 30) is a landmark decision, which concerns all of the country’s citizens.

Usually, after school and college results,

students and parents have to do the rounds of SEO offices and chase after gazetted officers in cities and villages.

These so-called SEOs  are mostly political workers of the party in power.

Many such SEOs have never seen the inside of a high school, yet they are authorised to stamp certificates issued by the boards and universities. This used to be a money-making racket. For implementing this move, Prime Minister Narendra  Modi and his officers have earned the undying goodwill of parents, particularly those from villages. Thank you, PM!

 Marcus Dabre 

Lesson in cruelty

The incident of a schoolkid being locked up in a kennel in Thiruvananthapuram is highly inhuman.  It is again testimony to the cruelties meted out by those responsible for upholding the dignity of educational institutions.  What is more shocking is that the heinous incident took place in the capital city of a state where there is almost cent per cent literacy. Alarmingly, incidents of corporal punishment in educational campuses are on the rise. It is high time that the authorities leave no stone unturned to book the guilty so that such crimes do not recur.

 N V Unnithan

Cleanliness or eyewash?

Civic authorities asking school children and government officials to sweep schools and public places on Gandhi Jayanti is a mockery of the cleanliness drive under the Nirmal Bharat scheme. Swaccha Bharat, Swaccha Vidhyalaya (clean India, clean school) are mere publicity stunts, which will soon be forgotten after the clean-up campaign which began on September 25 and ends on October 31.

 Cleanliness drives should never be by force but people should be made aware of the benefits of living in a clean, healthy environment so that they incorporate cleanliness in their daily lives of their own free will, to lead a disease-free life. It is our moral duty to keep our surroundings clean, just as we keep our homes tidy.  Education is the need of the hour – this alone will help people understand why cleanliness matters.

If everybody takes care of their own civic habits, we don’t need publicity stunts and cleanliness drives, it will then be a part of our lives at all times.

S N Kabra

Begin with station washrooms

It is reported that October 2, the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is to be observed as ‘Clean Bharat’ Day and our PM is going to embark on his Clean India mission. It is also reported that the Honourable Railway Minister is going to take the broom. I would like to appeal to the railway minister to clean Mumbai suburban station washrooms, starting from Virar and proceeding beyond Dadar. If he cannot, then let him instruct the zonal /divisional managers to at least visit some of the washrooms in their respective charges and find out for themselves the true state of matters.

J C Lewis

What this US visit will yield

 Namo’s US visit has so far been an unqualified success. It is great that Indians in that country are enthused by his words. Possibly there will be economic, social and political agreements, but now we must see how America responds. Otherwise, on the whole, this nation has been termed as a global salesman that will go to any extent to trade with India and sell its products and engage with any country where its interests are served and gains are assured.

However, it will not bother about human rights, freedom and dignity where its own interests are involved.  Even in the past, Indian PMs have visited USA. But the final outcome has not necessarily been to our satisfaction.

Now, the world is plagued with terrorism and as noted, its roots are in Pakistan. But despite all the evidence to this effect, the US is yet to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state.  How is the US going to help us in this regard because Pakistan always seems to be engaged in a proxy war with us. As the world’s leading super power, it remains to be seen what the US can do.

S P Sharma

Those Modi forgot to thank

While the Prime Minister enthralled Indian-origin Americans inside and outside Madison Square Garden, as well as those world over who were glued to their TV sets, with his admirable off-the-cuff talk, he erred in not thanking some 42 lawmakers from the US Congress and Senate, that included the members of the powerful India Caucus as well, who were there on specific invitation.

Hope, the organisers of such Modi shows in future take meticulous care on issues small and big without any lacunae in protocol.

R N Shanbhag

Don’t wait for aeons

This refers to the front page report, ’Govt set to junk 323 archaic laws’ (September 30).  A time frame needs to be set up to repeal archaic laws. Apart from doing away with archaic laws, the government should also take away those discretionary powers from authorities like the police which result in harassment of citizens.

 For example, even a havaldar can decide what is obscene, as per the existing laws.

We are constantly reading reports about how this law is used to harass couples even in public places like malls. Citizens should be taken into confidence before framing the laws.  Only then can we say that democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people.  Otherwise, it is plain rhetoric.

Deendayal M Lulla

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