B’day suit pic in bad taste

With reference to the report, ‘Case against Aamir over nude ‘PK’  poster’ (August 3).  One was shocked to see Aamir Khan opting for such a cheap gimmick for publicity.  More surprising to note was the fact that Raju Hirani and VidhuVinod Chopra, who gave hits bereft of sex and vulgarity earlier, felt the need for this uncalled for nudity.

Even if Aamir is portraying the role of a tribal or a lunatic in the movie, the picture was uncalled for.  This time, the so-called perfectionist will be beyond anybody’s comprehension, particularly the new fans he had created for himself through his TV feature, ‘Satyamev Jayate.’  The case filed does not seem to be uncalled for, unless Aamir expresses regrets for the poster.

Ramesh N Hasgekar

Make an example out of Mehta

It’s not enough to condemn the Secretary General Rajeev Mehta of the Indian Olympic Association who resorted to drunk driving, hit a car, grievously injured two persons and attempted to flee from the spot in Glasgow. It’s not enough to call him back, sack him from the gubernatorial position and submit him to the Indian judicial system, knowing full well what the system really is in actual terms to the wrongdoers; a system that gives in perpetuity an opportunity to the guilty to live as free birds for the rest of their life on bail and even jump bail.

If the government means to set things right, it should submit the person to the Glasgow Police and the British legal system so that the guilty person faces the music of realistic laws and the punishment of that country for the rest of his life. This will go a long way in setting a precedent for other potential rowdies of this country who would go to Britain in future.

R N Shanbhag

Shuttler takes our breath away

Parupalli Kashyap’s gold medal winning feat at the Glasgow Commonwealth games is special for the player and the country.

The 28-year-old’s rapid strides in the world badminton in the last four years was proved by his bronze medal bagging achievement in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and  his entering the last eight at the  2012 London Olympics.  That Kashyap was a player for the bigger canvas was evident by his breaking into the top 20 of world badminton in 2013.  However, the way the gutsy Hyderabadi player overcame his asthma-related health problems from 2004, to carve a name for himself, is an inspiration for youngsters.  His overcoming all odds to triumph big is a strong message that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. He has, in the process, reminded us of Denmark’s badminton legend Morten Frost Hansen, who became a world beater despite carrying inhalers to the courts to beat his asthma.

Ganapathi Bhat

Handcuffs take off sheen

‘Indian tally: Gold,Silver and handcuffs’ (August 4) – our sportsmen deserve many kudos for their  par excellence performance at Glasgow, although India stood fifth in the rankings. Looking back at the 2010 CWG, India, however, won 100 medals, because that year, archery, Greco-Roman wrestling and shooting (doubles) were included, which were not, this time around.

India’s win was brightened by sportsman Kashyap Parupalli, who won a gold on the last day in the men’s (singles) badminton, which was after 32 years of Indian CWG history.  But we were stigmatised by the arrest of IOA Secretary Gen Rajeev Mehta and the senior international wrestling referee, Virender Malik, on the alleged charges of drunken driving and sexual abuse respectively.

Vijay D Patil

Blotting out the good work

India’s creditable performance at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Scotland has been marred by the off-field shameful deeds of our officials. IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta was arrested for drunken driving and wrestling referee Virendra Malik  for sexual assault.  Truly, they are a blot on Indian sports, bringing shame to our nation when our sportsmen had actually done so well with India finishing fifth on the medal tally. Sportsmen are ambassadors of our country when they participate in international tournaments abroad and such shameful incidents involving our officials are not only a stigma but serve to make us the laughing stock for the entire world.  Officials accompany our sporting contingent for picnics most times and many don’t even understand sports, going as government representatives in exchange for some favour or the other.  While the law will take its own course at Glasgow against the arrested officials, they need to be banned from any sporting association for life on their return.

 S N Kabra

You win some, are shamed some

Glasgow was the first Games in 64 years where we went without a weightlifting gold. Despite that, the Indian contingent finished with 15 gold, 30 silver and 29 bronze medals in all and the 50th  position in the 20th Commonwealth Games.

Along with the prestige came embarrassment, with the arrest of two Indian officials, IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta and an unattached wrestling referee, Virender Malik. The participants brought glory by winning a bagful of medals, which the officials erased by bringing shame to our national pride.

C K Subramaniam

Political minds run riot

It seems that politicians are mainly responsible for all the riots in the country. Whether it is the 1984 riots, the Godhra riots, or Muzaffarnagar, they all are manmade. They have now got a weapon, rape, on which each party wants to gain extra mileage over the other. This is clearly done to gain some extra vote.  Besides, there are riots on the Karnataka border. There were riots for and against Telangana.  Vidarbha is another hot bed for riots. Everything is political. Why are such manmade problems are created for the sake of political popularity?

S S Nair

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