Beyond outrageous

‘House uproar over Sena food ‘ Fascism’ (July 24) concerns all the citizens of this country. In the Lok Sabha, the BJP MP shouting slogans – ‘Go to Pakistan, this is Hindustan’ is a serious matter as until yesterday, at the height of the Babri Masjid stir, no one in the Lok Sabha had uttered such words. I am surprised that no one from the ruling party reminded him of the spirit of our Constitution, which is secular and all-inclusive.

Mr Lal Krishna Advani should have asked MP Ramesh Bidhuri to resign. This is a very serious act on the part of this MP. As far as Shiv Sena MPs are concerned, their culture is known to all of us.

One has to thank Rajan Vichare for not hurting the catering supervisor physically. In fact, as far as Marathi culture is concerned, if food served is not to the taste of the family chief, the women are asked to taste it first.

And what takes the cake is the public comment of Uddhav Thackreray, that the Shiv Sena doesn’t nurse hatred for other religions. This, of course, is a big gain from the dirty incident over a chapati!

Marcus Dabre

Provocative media

The video clipping repeatedly telecast on TV channels did not show the MP first reading or seeing the name on the badge of the staff and therefore his delinquency could be attributed to forcing a food into the mouth of a staffer, but the way it was reported was deliberate and mischievous and it could have triggered communal violence.

While the act of the MPs could be condoned for ignorance regarding the concerned staff, it cannot be condoned in respect of the provocative media. In the inquiry, if instituted, the concerned media should also be summoned, for it was the only print media that splashed the news ‘provocatively.’

Though I do not agree with the manner in which the staff was being treated by the MP, I do not subscribe to the deliberate and avoidable provocative reporting.  Shame!

 Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

Outburst  could be constructive

This refers to the conduct of Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare force-feeding an IRCTC staffer at Maharashtra Sadan (July 24).  The MP should be congratulated for his conduct! I

n fact, all the other MPs should emulate his action. This is part of good governance. I would request the Maharashtra MPs to visit some of the food joints and hotels in Mumbai and repeat the act. They should also visit and note the potholed state of the roads and the toilets constructed in different localities in Mumbai and react this explosively, then surely, remedial measures will be taken.

S S Nair

Unbecoming of an MP

The electronic and print media have gone berserk in sensational and outright false reporting of the incident at Maharashtra Sadan to increase their TRPs/circulation.

It is true that the behaviour of the MP was not becoming of an elected representative; he could have verbally reprimanded the supervisor or made a written complaint on the quality of food.

But to give the incident a communal colour is dangerous, and could invite criminal charges under the law, creating enmity between religious groups.

The video footage of the incident was repeatedly shown on most of the TV channels all day long.

R R Shenoy

West best at messes

The Edit Page of FPJ is invariably very good; however, NEATO, MEATO, FEATO (July 8) was brilliant.

It clearly shows that the West is very aggressive and anti-India (and such countries).

The USA has not learnt from Vietnam and has created a serious situation in Afghanistan and now expects India to tackle its mess. Very funny!

V K Sahny

Aegean Stables

The revelation by Justice Markandey Katju is just the tip of the widespread malaise that the Indian judiciary is grappling with. The selection of judges through a very transparent laid down process has to be very meticulous, as persons with suspect credentials inflict irreversible damage to the justice delivery system.

Only persons with a sound knowledge of law and impeccable integrity must be selected as judges even at the entry level in the lower judiciary. Politicians should have no role whatsoever in the selection, promotion and posting of judges.

It is time for a concerted effort to cleanse the Aegean Stables of our temples of Justice by flushing out undesirable judges who should never have landed where they are today.  The Indian judiciary needs some urgent fixing.

Aires Rodrigues

UPA’s ‘squander mania’

It is heartbreaking to learn that the UPA Government  reportedly spent an astonishing, astronomical amount of Rs 2,048 crore towards publicity for their achievements between 2011 and 2014, and specifically during March 2014 alone, a whopping sum of about Rs 310 crore towards the ad blitz in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections.

This is hard-earned taxpayer money and the gamut of expenditure in entirety should be audited and the ‘liability’ in excess of the permissible limits should be directly transferred to the account of the UPA — mainly the Congress, and quickly recovered. The recovery brooks no delay.

These liabilities are in addition to the series of huge scams involving lakhs of crores of public money which has shattered the country’s economy.  Both, the ex-PM, as well as the ex-FM are accountable and answerable to the public and Parliament for having allowed this squandering of  public funds.

T M Uday Shankar

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