Wake-up call

My heart beats for the firemen who lost his life in the Andheri tower inferno RIP Nitin Ivalekar!  The nation salutes your bravery.

Most NOCs for towers can be obtained by greasing the palms of the officials, the price for which is then paid by innocent people. Mumbai has several such high rises that have flouted safety norms and the time has come governments to not only identify, but rectify these serious lapses. Builders, including government officials, who have given various permissions and false certificates should not only be penalised, but jailed. The recent blaze should act as an eye-opener and safety norms must be promptly addressed so that such incidents do not occur in future.

S N Kabra

A fireman’s lot

It is heartrending to read and hear about firefighters losing their lives to save people. They risk their lives for others while combating danger and they are given third-rate treatment by not being equipped adequately with fire-resistant uniforms and boots. While the authorities have condoled the incident and promised compensation for the injured and dead, what about the future? Will working conditions for the firemen improve?

This incident has happened in a building which has offices of celebrities.  I request the celebrities to come forward and raise their voices so that the firefighters are compensated fairly, given proper equipment and fire-resistant material to save lives in future.

Gracy Abreo

Enough of civilian casualties

The current crisis between Israel and Hamas is a humanitarian one. Currently, innocent civilians are being killed on both sides and this action should be condemned by international organisations like the United Nations.

Efforts should be taken to bring both parties to a ceasefire and thereby save many lives on both the sides. It would be highly insensible on anyone’s part to associate this crisis with religion. War has no religion, the rockets fired do not verify religion before hitting their targets. Let’s pray that no innocent civilians die anymore.

Sanket Ravi Pawar

Collateral damage

This refers to the front page report,”Sanctions threat to Russia over MH17 crash site access” (July 21).  The threat will not work for the simple reason that there is Russia-US cooperation in space.  Russian spacecraft is used to take cargo to the US space station, and Russia has not discontinued this. European businessmen have ties with Russian companies and politicians in Europe have connections with businessmen. Germany and other European nations are dependent on Russian gas during winter.

The blame game will continue, but one thing is certain that had the West not fancied the idea of destroying the more than two-centuries-old Russian naval base in Crimea in Ukraine (now under Russia),there would have been no unrest in Ukraine.

An elected government in Ukraine was thrown out by the West-managed coup and the result is the downing of a civil plane. The victims of this international chess game are civilians of different nations.  Malaysian Airlines should have avoided Ukraine airspace.

Deendayal M Lulla

No respect for the dead

This is an appeal to President Putin to intervene with the pro-Russian rebels to cooperate for the recovery of the bodies and an investigation into the ill-fated Malaysian plane, which was shot down.

It is heartrending for the victims’ kin to think that the bodies of their loved ones cannot be recovered. When some bodies were loaded onto a train, the PM of Ukraine was unsure where the train was headed. This is a very bizarre and inhuman situation.

President Putin has to instruct the pro-Russian rebels to withdraw and let enquiries proceed. All forces must declare a complete ceasefire in the impacted areas. Whosoever shot down the plane, had no consideration for the innocent civilians on the Malaysian flight; now at least there should be respect for their remains. How brutal and inhuman is our world becoming?

Rajendra K Aneja

Challenge for aviation

The ghastly tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 highlights challenges the aviation industry is facing in conflict-prone areas. While technology has improved remarkably to tackle capricious weather, and after 9/11, all governments vastly improved airport security, now the time has come for all governments to cooperate with each other and pay more attention to the danger of flying over conflict zones like Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.

This incident also highlights the dangers of sophisticated weapons like Buk missiles falling into the hands of non-state players/militias. Our heart goes out to all those who lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy.

Ramesh G Jethwani

Accounting for every last pie

The Rs 17.60 lakh spent on Narendra Modi’s May 26 oath-taking ceremony was an unnecessary waste of public funds. Similarly in Goa, on March 9, 2012, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar squandered Rs 11 lakh of taxpayer money. In the current bad economic times, austerity and fiscal accountability have to be the key guiding factors. Every paisa spent from the state exchequer has to be meticulously accounted for.

A government is assessed and evaluated on its good governance and its socio-economic steps to bolster the welfare of the people. It is not the glossy manifesto nor cosmetic steps, but the concrete measures taken that count. The curb on ministerial foreign jaunts is a step in the right direction taken by Modi, but there has to be consistency and a close monitoring of all public spending.

Aires Rodrigues

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