Public alone swallows bitter pill

 I wonder why bitter medicine is not being administered to the corrupt, criminals, black money holders, black marketeers, adulterators and hoarders. Already prices of essential food items have risen.  The way in which the PM ordered the raising of the height of the Narmada Dam is ample proof that he is selectively implementing his policies and fixing his priorities. This means that within 10 days of coming to power, a report was given on such an important issue which was kept pending all these years. Now it seems the Modi Government is planning to give employment to unemployed BJP leaders by making them governors. Thirty per cent of the ministers in Modi’s government are reported to have criminal records. So far, it feels as if the bitter medicine is reserved for the public alone.

S S Nair

Governors they’re a-changing       

 The Narendra Modi government has squandered a golden opportunity to sound different, by changing its mind on governors. Earlier, it was said the government would be ‘liberal’ and ‘gracious’ with the UPA-appointed governors, and they would, at best, be transferred to a different state. The grapevine also had it that those with short remainder tenures would be left untouched.

What perhaps changed the government’s thinking was the clamour of many BJP veterans for the governorship.

In the process, the Modi government has cold-shouldered the Sarkaria commission guidelines and the well-reasoned judgment of the Supreme Court.  The apex court has clearly held that a  governor was ‘not an employee’ of the government and he/she could be removed only under ‘exceptional circumstances.’ Neither the constitutional nature and authority of a governor have changed, nor the circumstances they are in now, exceptional.

Ganapathi Bhat

Remember SC ruling on governors

The NDA government should honour the 2010 ruling of the Supreme Court which says that “a governor cannot be removed on the ground that he is out of sync with the union government.”  The ruling was the result of a petition filed by a VHP activist, B C Singhal, challenging the replacement of NDA-appointed governors by the UPA.  It is strange that the NDA wants to repeat what the UPA had done, in spite of the court ruling.

After all, the role of a governor is symbolic.  One need not attribute any motives to him.  It is not a healthy practice to remove governors with change of government at the centre. Replacing one set of political appointees with another set of political activists makes no sense, except keeping in good humour the politicians, who are otherwise a spent force.

The present President was a nominee of the UPA government, having spent his entire political life in the Congress Party.  Then should he also be replaced by a BJP candidate?  If there is no objection to the President continuing, why resort to this governor witch-hunt?

G Ramachandram

Taking the sheen off

How can the UPA-appointed governors forget how they came to this office, the classic example being the appointment of Sheila Dixit as Kerala Governor.  She was earlier allegedly involved in the Commonwealth Games scam and then defeated hollow by the candidate of a newborn political party? then Bhardwaj’s behaviour as the Governor of Karnataka, then his lying low with the appointment of the Congress MLA as the state CM, the tough time the Gujarat Governor gave Narendra Modi, the CM; and now all the hollow talk of not putting in their papers after the NDA has arrived at the centre.

They were subservient to their party

high command then, therefore, it is

naturally expected they will continue to be so, all the more so when the Congress has been almost completely decimated. Thus, the governorship is no more the distinguished position that we consider it to be, as is being proved now.

Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

Another Raj relic

The time has come to consider seriously whether we need governors in every state.

The NDA government has already asked

all the UPA-appointed governors to resign gracefully before being officially fired. In Maharashtra the present governor occupies

a palatial residence on the Malabar Hill

seaside with a retinue of chauffeurs, gardeners, peons and staff members, but the governor remains largely an ornamental legacy of the British Raj, not relevant to our current political scenario.

Therefore, before appointing any new Governors the central cabinet must take a landmark decision to abolish this pompous glorified system and convert these palaces into exhibition centres, halls and cultural hubs like say, the Nehru Centre at Worli.

It is significant to note that the governor has hardly any interaction with the people.

K V Satyamurty

Governors’ tenures

This refers to media reports about several state governors having been asked to resign, and some of them reportedly, declining to do so. Evidently, the Supreme Court verdict of the year 2010 does not allow smooth removal of state governors.

It is quite usual that governors are mostly politicians appointed by political rulers in tune with their political ideology, with some former governors having openly misused their posts, virtually turning Raj Bhawans into party headquarters. It is against all morals to rehabilitate defeated politicians as governors,

as if politics is a lifetime profession! In fact,

state governors must themselves offer resignations in case of change of political rulers at the centre.

Subhash Chandra Agrawa

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