Fare dispute can derail metro

Though the much awaited Metro has seen the light of the day, the ongoing dispute about its fare structure may halt it in its tracks.

If either of the contending parties remains adamant and decides to seek judicial redress, then an injunction to that effect, if granted

by the appropriate court, will ensure that the Metro bogies do not leave the yard precincts.

Further, the clean and swanky platforms of the

12 stations could easily fall prey to the migrant squatters.

And since such people do not happen to be honest taxpayers like the Campa Cola residents, they cannot be evicted either.

Arun Malankar

Metro fares must be fair

The metro has finally seen the light of the day in Mumbai and for many of us, it is now a dream come true, to avail of the best of modern facilities in commuting and save time as well.

The current controversy over the fares is unwarranted. While Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has an eye on the assembly polls, it is common knowledge that the MMOPL would not even be able to break even with the introductory fare of Rs.10, which is too minuscule for such top-class facilities.

Top-of-the-line facilities have maintenance and running costs, apart from making profitsand need upgradation to compete with the best in business. The Rs 30 fare from Versova to Ghatkopar or the Rs 40 demanded by MMOPL, one feels, is reasonable for such world class transport. Low fares might reduce safety, as money is needed to enhance this most important aspect.

 Better sense should prevail and the government should end this unwarranted fare controversy at the earliest.

 S N Kabra

Another avoidable tragedy

The tragedy on June 8, in which college students were washed away in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, is really very sad and unfortunate. Who is responsible for this episode, which has left presumably two dozen budding engineers dead? Who ordered the dam waters to be released, which made the water levels rise alarmingly and with great force? Surely, the warning siren was not sounded (contrary to the claim of the dam authority that they did sound the hooter) for how could so many of them fail to hear it? There should be a thorough inquiry into the tragedy and those who acted negligently be brought to book severely punished, sending the right signal that a careless approach will not be treated lightly. May the Almighty give strength to the families who lost their near and dear ones in this avoidable tragedy.

Abdul Monim

IA, AI pilots’ pay disparity

Despite Indian Airlines having been merged with Air India quite a few years ago, there are reports that employees belonging to the erstwhile Indian Airlines are treated differently compared to those belonging originally to Air India. AI should investigate if pilots of the erstwhile IA are being paid less than others coming from Air India originally to fly the wide-bodied Boeing Dreamliner 787.

 It may be mentioned that pilots flying wide-bodied aircrafts are paid higher than those flying other comparatively smaller aircrafts like the Airbus A-320 or Boeing 737 etc. According to reports, pilots of the erstwhile Indian Airlines were only assigned to fly the Dreamliner

when court directives were issued. But the problem did not end here.

The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation should ensure that Air India take steps for equal treatment of all its employees so that service conditions, payscales, perks and privileges may be on par for both, IA and AI employees.

At the same time, the privileges available to AI board directors and officials should be reviewed to be in line with those available to officials of the Indian government and as per the norms set by the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT).

 Madhu Agrawal

Defeatist attitude unbecoming

Apropos: ‘We would have lost even without Modi: Kamal Nath’ and ‘On Cong ticket, even Modi would have lost’ (June 8), it only exposes the defeatist attitude of the Congress leaders. For a change, these Congress leaders are admitting that the party lost not because of them, but despite them, accusing the high command, thereby.

Kamal Nath states that their message did not reach the voters, forgetting that the voters had regular updates since 2009, including the first 100 days. And yet, he wants to continue depending on the Gandhi family, roping in Priyanka. First and foremost, this sycophantic mindset towards the family must change,

if at all they want the party to re-emerge, for there may be no expiry date for the BJP under Modi. Should they dare look elsewhere apart from the family, some hope may get revived

in people. So Nirupam admits that under the

BJP and with Modi at the helm, even he would have won.

Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

Give Smriti a chance

     The thought-provoking speech by HRD Minister Smriti Irani at the International Women’s Conference 2014 should silence her critics who doubted her ability to handle such an important ministry. Her 12-minute speech was full of quotes from the Ramayana, the Gita, Kautilya’s Artha Shastra and Mahatma Gandhi, keeping the august audience spellbound.

   Every action of NaMo from Day One indicates that he means business and that he will deliver what he had promised to the electorate. If he has given the HRD ministry to Irani, he must have full faith in her capability. Her critics should have the patience to wait at least for 100 days!

K H Karkera

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