New yesman of Congress

Sonia Gandhi seems to have found a new Manmohan Singh in Mallikarjun Kharge. Though a man with a clean image, Kharge is not the person who will be able to bail out the Congress at this crucial juncture. Captain Amarinder Singh or Kamal Nath would have been better candidates. It seems that Sonia Gandhi has decided that she needs only yesmen, even if it leads to the writing of the Congress’s obituary.

Sanjay K Mishra

Too much of a coincidence

Is it a mere coincidence or something else? Within 24 hours of the car crash that killed the Union Minister Gopinath Munde, the vehicle carrying the RSS chief was slammed by another car from behind. Both these personalities have strong RSS roots, and are regarded as the think tank of the Saffron Party. Therefore, the demand from some quarters about a CBI enquiry into the mishap merits attention.

 Arun Malankar

Missing the main point

The untimely death of Gopinath Munde in an accident is extremely tragic. It is a great loss for the BJP, Maharashtra and the nation. Munde was a mass leader, and so expectedly, a large number of people gathered at the funeral. Unfortunately, some leaders could not resist the temptation of projecting themselves and incited the crowd, demanding a CBI inquiry into the accident by hinting at a conspiracy. The mourners turned violent, attacking and burning vehicles. They started mocking leaders who had come to pay their respects to the departed leader. It is imperative that all doubts regarding the accident should be cleared, but destroying property and stirring up trouble is not the solution. Unfortunately, our politicians cannot miss any opportunity to cash on tragedies, be it a militant attack or rapes of innocent women, thus trivialising the main crime!

Anil Bagarka

Soaring Sensex means nothing

There is euphoria in the markets, the BSE/NSE etc. Indexes have jumped dramatically over the last few weeks. Now, broking firms are predicting that the Sensex will hit 28,000 to 32,000 points by March 2015, and one firm has even predicted it will touch the 1,00,000-mark by 2020. This is wishful thinking. There will not be a sudden improvement in economic fundamentals. Our country shall remain one of the poorest countries in the world with rapidly growing population. Population rise adds to the number of poor, and also eats away at whatever growth has been achieved. Our per capita income is also one of the lowest, though we have few of the wealthiest people in the world, along with some top economists

The rise in Sensex does not mean economic development of our country, or alleviation of poverty.  A rising stock market index only means  brokers will make a killing. India becoming a super power is as yet, a mirage. Our country is at best, functioning chaos.

Sudhir Keshav Bhave

Cong’s virtual non-campaign

The CPI-M’s bungling was anticipated. Also that of the AAP, which failed to realise that a bird in hand is two in bush, with respect to its Delhi state win. They let go of that win to get on to the national scene and came a cropper. But where exactly Rahul failed is difficult to discern. Was it because he ran the election campaign as a solo show, with the occasional appearance of his mother by his side, and at the fag-end, his sister jumping into the fray.  Almost all the Congress stalwarts appeared on TV screens, but were not seen on the field. As far as the alliance partners’ participation in campaigning is concerned, the less said the better. They gave the impression that the UPA had withered away much before the election itself. Ironically, Manmohan Singh, as PM, didn’t come out of his silence zone even once during the campaign period. He maintained a detached and aloof stance, like a fatalist. With such non- campaigning, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

R N Shanbhag

Need for new road laws 

Since the sudden death of Gopinath Munde’s in a road accident, the media has gone hammer and tongs over safety features in vehicles, like compulsory seat belts in cars for passengers. Does our country need the death of a politician or a celebrity to make changes in the law of the land?

We often come across incidents of making changes in infrastructure only after people in power have suffered due to such shortcomings.

Our vehicle and safety laws are not current,  while personal vehicle numbers have risen. Roads and highways have increased while the signalling systems are outdated. Red beacon vehicles are involved in most crashes because they take advantage of their VIP status and such accidents occur.

S N Kabra

All eyes trained on road safety now

 The tragic death of Gopinath Munde has put back the focus firmly on road safety. Not for nothing does India top the world’s list for road accidents. The foremost reason for so many accidents is the total disregard for rules and regulations while granting driving licences.   The same can be said of many of us who ‘drive to learn’, rather than ‘learn to drive.’ Many would-be drivers join driving classes to obtain a hassle-free licence.

Add to this, bad roads and their faulty design,  absence of speed restriction and poor knowledge about basic measures to be taken while driving, the picture is almost complete. he tragic end of Gopinath Munde should propel the government to focus on the much neglected aspect of road safety.

Ganapathi Bhat

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