Paswan, the poll-swinger

Here’s an interesting observation — Ram Vilas Paswan was with the NDA from 1999 to 2004 and prior to the 2004 general elections, he parted from the NDA to joined the UPA. The NDA lost in the 2004 elections and the UPA won.  In 2014, he again parted ways with the  UPA and joined the NDA and this time, the NDA came back to power.

Mani Panse

Not exactly a lightweight portfolio

This refers to the front page report, ‘Sena comes out of sulk, Geete takes charge’ (May 29).   It is unfortunate that the Ministry of Heavy Industries is considered an ‘insignificant’ portfolio by the MP assigned to take charge and his refusal to assume the said charge until a new portfolio was allotted to him. The BMC has decided to send a 42-metre Bronto skylift aerial ladder, which comes handy to tackle emergencies in a high-rise building, for repairs to Finland, to prolong the life of the crane for another few years (May 28). It is ironical that this heavy equipment is not produced in India, must be imported, and even for maintenance, must be sent abroad. Yet, the member of a party which is in control of the BMC finds the ministry of heavy industries ‘insignificant.’  Efforts should be made to manufacture such cranes indigenously as Mumbai and other cities have numerous skyscrapers.  We will need multiple numbers of such cranes to tackle emergencies like fires. The ministry of heavy industries is an important portfolio when we talk of making India a super power in the global arena.

Deendayal M Lulla

Smriti & the Rs 65K crore question

This refers to the news item, ‘New twist to Smriti row’ (May 29).

As HRD Minister, she is going to handle thousands of educational institutions, including the IIT and other nationally renowned educational institutions. How can one who barely reached degree college understand the huge and difficult field of education? No Indian educational institution finds its name in the list of the first hundred international institutions.  Which is why our best and brightest students leave for the USA, Canada and the UK, for higher education and eventually, settle down there. But now, if the PM feels she is capable of handling such a vast field, in which the government spends some Rs 65 thousand crore, then we must wait and see. It is irrelevant to bring up the question of Sonia Gandhi’s academic qualifications, she never held a cabinet position.

Marcus Dabre

No point in boiling this pot

This is with reference to the Article 370 debate –‘BJP keeps the pot boiling’ (May 29). It seems BJP wants to go out of power the AAP way ! What on earth is it going to lose if Article 370 is not repealed? We have lived with it for the last 67 years, we can live with it another 670 + years, ‘n’ number of years! The majority of those who voted the BJP to power are interested in the new government dealing with the basic issues of skyrocketing inflation, corruption free government/ NGOs and so on. In short, all that the aam aadmi wants is good governance. The BJP, the SS, the RSS, the JS and the VHP – ‘ birds of the same feather’ – have not even completed a fortnight and have begun to ‘show’ their true colours. Let them not forget they have come to power by securing many secular votes. The BJP and others should try to recollect what happened few years ago when they wanted to bring a Bill on the  freedom of religion? India is a secular country and it shall remain a secular country. There is no need to pull down a historical monument – archive that should be preserved. Live and let all live in peace.

R G Nakhate

Analysing the Bengali plight

Here are what I consider the fundamental reasons for the continuous backward journey of the Bengali community in all walks of life against an all-India background. One of them is almost congenital aversion to risk–taking. We prefer a life of defined scarcity, if not poverty, to a life of uncertain prosperity. Another is the Bengali youth’s lack of command of the English language — the highway to connect to the rest of the world. This is, however, an almost recent development, which started with the CPM rule. The Left realised its follies and revised the policy. But that was too little, too late. Another point which every pundit misses, is the puritanical way the educated average Bengali youth tries to speak the language, avoiding all grammatical mistakes. This attitude often disturbs the ability to speak fluently, which in turn, damages his self-confidence. One example is the proper use of the two words “since” and “for” in the perfect continuous tense.

N K Das Gupta

Tell us about Article 370

The very mention of Article 370 has raised a big hue and cry from various quarters. Passions have been raised both by the proponents and opponents on the merits and demerits of this article. The average Indian does not know much about the provisions of this article. We need to be rightly educated regarding the finer aspects and the national implication of this very important statute. We suggest that eminent jurists, who are apolitical persons, must take up the task of educating the common man in this matter of national importance.

Dharmendra Nagda / Mahendra Oza / Nitin Bhoj

/Sulochana Bhoj /Dr Achal Sanghavi / Lalit Sanghavi

Secular at will

The very talk about the abrogation of Article 370 has evoked sharp reactions from the ‘secular’ lobby. However, these very people had observed a meaningful and studied silence when a top leader from the Valley had made a potentially dangerous demand. It was a recent case, largely overlooked by the ‘secular’ press, wherein the said leader had called for the Pakistani currency to be circulated as legal tender in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Jorhat Singh

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