Vote cut across all barriers

The strikingly significant feature of the just-concluded election is that, people have cast their vote cutting across the caste, creed, religion and language barriers.

  Or else, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party wouldn’t have been made to bite the dust in their cowbelt bastion, like the Congress did. Hope, henceforth God willing, Indian nationality and merit alone will count in all walks of life of this nation.

R N Shanbhag

Momentary reconciliation

There is nothing to read between the lines in the act of the presentation of a congratulatory bouquet by Raj Thackeray to cousin Uddhav. A few months ago too, there were ‘expectations’ of rapprochement between the estranged cousins, when Raj himself drove Uddhav from hospital to his residence after the successful angiography undergone by the latter.

Vineet Phadtare

Synchronise state & gen elections

 Nitish Kumar has honoured the voters’ verdict by resigning as Bihar Chief Minister, but stopping short of recommending the dissolution of state assemblies, to allow horse-trading for the formation of new government by opportunist elements.

  The Delhi state assembly is in suspension mode, thus unnecessarily burdening the state exchequer, on account of the salaries and perks being paid to MLAs.

The Uttarakhand chief minister, fearing the fall of his government, has burdened the state exchequer by crowning seven MLAs as parliamentary secretaries.

  Elections to the state assemblies of Haryana, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand are due in the latter part of the year. Election Commission should take steps for simultaneous polls for all these state assemblies.

  The people’s verdict should be honoured by dissolving the state assemblies of Assam, Bihar, Himachal, Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, like was done in the year 1977 also, to prevent the changing of sides and unholy bargains to retain or form governments.

  Elections to these state assemblies then should also be held with those which are due for elections till January 2015, thus having simultaneous mini-general elections for eleven state-assemblies.

  The rules should be amended so that terms of state assemblies may be extended or reduced by one year, to hold their elections simultaneously with Lok Sabha elections.

 Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Long-standing temporary provision?

This has reference to the ‘change of guard ‘ in Indian politics as new the NDA govermment will soon assume power with full majority.  It is stated that Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is a ‘temporary provision ‘ which grants special autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir.

  Many people are unaware why and how this article was formulated and included in the Indian Constitution, which was worked out in 1947. It was a promise of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that the Article was a temporary provision and would get eroded over a period of time. However, it has turned out to be a chimera.

  One will appreciate and agree that the Article 370 has played no less a role in preventing J&K from becoming an integral part of the Indian Union.   It sends out the wrong signal, not only to the Kashmiris, but also to the separatists, Pakistan and also indeed to the international community that J&K is still to become an integral part of India. In view of the fact that now there is change of guard and a new BJP-led NDA government, they should scrap this article, sooner the better.

 Vijay D Patil

Fanning old flames

It is highly regrettable that despite a clear verdict in the 2014 general election, Narendra Modi’s all-inclusive thoughts and commitments cutting across all caste, creed and religion accepted by the voters in endorsement thereof,  some of the TV news channels, especially the English ones, have been holding debates rewinding all those attacks against Modi, solely with the malafide intentions of keeping those issues burning.

  Instead of looking forward to better governance and discussing it, unfortunately and regretfully indulging in unwarranted debates is not only mischievous, but dangerous, going against the tenet of the spirit shown by mature voters at the 2014 general election. These channels are behaving typically like the leftist politicians that keep issues burning for their survival, never wanting issues to be resolved.

Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

Bleak street for industry in Bengal

On May 15, 2014, Amul (milkman to the nation) announced the opening of a dairy in Varanasi at a cost of Rs. 200 crore. On the same day the inhabitants of West Bengal heard the bad news of suspension of work at the Rishra Insulator factory of Jayshree Textiles (An A.V. Birla group Company).

  On May 16, the people of West Bengal heard another bad news – the suspension of work in the Dumdum factory of Jessop & Co. Ltd, once the leading wagon builder and also a competitor in coach-building along with ICF, Bangalore.

No commencement of work of the Jindal Steel Plant, no rapprochement with Infosys about the SEZ status of the salt lake plot of land and no end in sight to the HPCL (Haldia Petrochemical) tangle.

During the Left rule, the industrial scene became progressively bleak and this continues unabated.

 N K Das Gupta

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