Counter Modi on facts

This has reference to Narendra Modi’s speech at Amethi. After Modi rebutted every charge made by the Gandhi family against him, not a single Congress leader made an attempt to counter the former. But Beni Prasad Verma asked for Modi’s arrest and Priyanka Vadra evoked Rajeev Gandhi’s political assassination as martyrdom. But how can the country forget Rajeev Gandhi’s silence when 4,000 Sikhs were butchered on Delhi’s street. Congress should counter Modi on facts and not evoke emotions by recounting sacrifice by the Gandhi family.

D M Rajan

Give autonomy to Prasar Bharti

Prasar Bharati CEO Jawahar Sircar’s timing to move vigorously for a meaningful autonomy for the public broadcaster, in the middle of the election season, is unexpected, but welcome. Based on the complaints of BJP, Sircar himself stepped into have the shelved interview of Modi to be telecasted. When the interview was telecasted Modi’s team protested that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry had blocked ‘more operational autonomy’ for Doordarshan’s news division. However this allegation was denied by I&B Minister Manish Tewari. While the Prasar Bharati Act does grant operational autonomy to Prasar Bharati, Section 33 of the Act undercuts this intention by insisting on the government’s prior approval on critical issues. In this context it is crucial to work out an effective way to remove the lacuna and settle the oversight of Parliament in this matter.

C Koshy John

Double speak on secularism

This has reference to editorial ‘Double speak on communalism’ (FPJ, May 6). The editorial exposes the spurious secularism practiced in India, which has its origin in the partition. The secularism had no relevance in the Indian context but the term was applied to browbeat Hindus! If they raise any demand-they were snubbed by the argument that India is a ‘secular’ country and that it is multi-cultural! The so called ‘secular’ parties like the Congress have used ‘secularism’ as a weapon against Hindus and appease the minorities! They have created such an environment that Hindus even hesitate to say that they are Hindus. It was the magnanimity of the Hindus that they accepted ‘secularism’-the fact was never recognised by the ‘secularists’! It is high time that the political parties shun spurious secularism that is heavily tilted against Hindus. The solution lies in justice to all and appeasement to none.

Shreeram Paranjpe

Degradation of Indian sports

Indian cricket has gone to the dogs as tainted people continue to occupy key positions of affiliate state associations as well as the BCCI. Lalit Modi who has fled the country surprisingly has been elected as the president of Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) which in turn finds itself suspended by BCCI. Politics in sports is ruining most sporting disciples & cricket being no exception. Only former sporting legends who have excelled should be allowed to head sporting bodies or be members of the various sporting governing bodies. Records of sportsmen & not votes should decide his criterion to head a sports body.

S N Kabra

Tax protection for senior citizens

S S Tarapore voices, in his ‘Protect small savers and seniors’ (May 5) persuasively a set of income tax relief measures for senior citizens. During the UPA-II regime tax relief was provided to the elderly rather grudgingly – the rise in tax exemption limit was set off against withdrawal of relief under Section 80 (C) of the Income Tax Act. Just as there is a new legislation to protect old parents from the indifference of their children, there is need for a law to provide them with financial security. Income tax Relief by way of higher savings bank account rates and other well-argued measures in the article should receive priority attention from the new government.

The Damocles sword of EET needs to be withdrawn unequivocally. In my view while raising the basic tax exemption limit by Rs. one lakh, the existing benefit under Section 80CC should continue for those who have adequate savings to invest therein.

Y G Chouksey

Go Goa Gone

This has reference to Goa CM Manohar Parrikar’s comments on poor infrastructure in Amethi. Parrikar should look into his own backyard – Goa. Goa is an extremely small State which could have been very well managed and sensibly governed, but unfortunately, over the years it has seen utter decay with nothing having changed even in the last two years with Manohar Parrikar at the helm of affairs. He had promised us the moon but has made a U turn on his every promise. He had vowed to drive away the Casinos but has brought in many more. The sex and drug trade has already made national headlines. Goa could have been a tourist paradise, but the never ending greed of the politicians has taken this State down the tube. While from Rags to Riches is what those in power aspire for. Sorrowing lies our Goa.

Aires Rodrigues

Affidavit-less regime in Punjab

This refers to initiative taken by the Punjab government whereby self-attestation rather than affidavit is now required for documentation in public-dealing barring some very few requiring this legal requirement. From a legal point of view, this would be a better system as the responsibility for a false self-attestation will directly rest with those doing so making him/her liable for prosecution under Indian penal code. It is a known fact that getting affidavits attested by notary-public or oath-commissioner is merely a formality worth abolishing as both notary public and oath commissioners usually attest documents without any verification just to earn money through attesting fees. Union Law Ministry should suggest all state-governments for adopting noble and hassle-free affidavit-less regime.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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