Apology would go a long way

‘ Hang me if riots charges are proved, asserts Modi’ (April 17). Modi cannot deny that his own PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, asked him to follow rajdharma immediately after riots in 2002.  Forgiveness and apology for wrongdoing from the head of the state and even from ordinary citizens is necessary.  Shri Krishna told us to forgive a hundred times, while Jesus told us to ’love your enemy as thyself.’ The great Gautam Buddha stood for love and forgiveness. This is our civilisation, how is Modi going beyond these teachings? He has faulted the teaching of great saints, when he says that the policy of forgive and forget is not acceptable.  However, one has to forgive and apologise for charges like the killing of people under his/her rule. Look at Russia’s Joseph Stalin. He refused to apologise, but while on his death bed, he finally remembered Jesus. So no one can leave this world without asking for forgiveness and apologising for acts of omission and commission. Narendra Modi still has time to correct himself.

 Marcus Dabre

Community service for corrupt

This refers to the report, ‘First wild parties, now community service’ (April 16). The former prime minister of Italy and billionaire tycoon,.Silvio Berlusconi, has been ordered by an Italian court to do public service for one year.  He has already been expelled from the Parliament and faces a six-year ban from contesting elections. Berlusconi’s lawyers had asked for one-day-a-week community service in a centre for the disabled and elderly people near his estate outside Milan.  His movements have also been curtailed by the court, following the ruling in corruption cases against him. Would our politicians be willing to do community service if found guilty in corruption cases? On the contrary, they get bail.  Workers of one political party do the drama of sweeping the streets with brooms, as it is election time now. Community service should be awarded to corrupt politicians, as there is no fear of them running away as in the case of other accused, where the police needs to be deployed to keep an eye on them.

Deendayal M Lulla

A voter observes

Since 1967, when I became eligible to vote, I have made it a point to exercise my franchise in each and every poll during the last 47 years.

As a man of 72 now, I have observed a curious voting pattern in all the elections that have been held during the last five decades or so—whenever the percentage of polling is heavy, it has always resulted in the defeat for the Congress Party.  And, a low turn-out at the polling booths has invariably seen a Congress government grabbing the power; be it at the state-level or at the centre.  Let us, therefore, see what is in store inside the ballot boxes for the LS elections 2014. So, till the evening of  May 17, 2014, it is wait and watch for us, the commoners.

Vineet Phadtare

We can feel the love

Sonia Gandhi is now talking about her love for India.  For 14 years after her marriage, she remained a foreigner in the house of the Prime Minister and after that, she took Indian citizenship.

She goes to a foreign country for her medical treatment though top-notch facilities are available in India. It is very clear now to all how much she loves India.

T D Dey

Your vote matters

Please don’t plan for the summer vacation unless you vote in this general election; in fact don’t aovid voting for any reason. This is my fervent request to all eligible voters. Your alertness sends out a message to the children about how important the exercising of this fundamental right is. If you are from upper class, vote for the poor people’s future, if you are from the lower class and not in the mood or willing to vote, just vote for the better future of the coming generation.  And this message holds good not just for this election, but for all elections to come.

Bhavesh Jani

Setback for the BJP

It looks like a very serious blow to the BJP.  Both, the AIADMK and the TMC have come out saying Tamil Nadu and Bengal are better than Gujarat. As if things were not bad enough, a video (apparently authentic), showing Uma Bharati critical of Modi and ‘Gujarat’s growth’, terming it a stricken state and calling him ‘vinash putra!’ is making the rounds.

 S Hariharan

Goa groans, while minsters globe-trot

Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar is leading a delegation on a 13-day tour to the Gulf countries, despite the state treasury facing a financial crisis and even struggling to pay government employees their monthly salaries. This state-sponsored junket is a criminal waste of public funds.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, while as Leader of Opposition, had strongly objected to overseas trips by ministers, but now, while in power for the last two years, has allowed his ministers to freely tour the world at the cost of the taxpayer.

Over the last two years, crores of rupees have been wasted on organising road shows across the world to promote Goa as a tourist destination.

If the government had instead cared to improve the crumbling infrastructure, Goa would have sold by itself attracting high-end decent tourists in droves.

The haphazard planning, improper

sanitation and the uncontrollable stray

animal menace all over is projecting Goa in

bad light. Sadly, Goa has become a gambling destination, besides a very safe haven for the narcotic trade and the flourishing menace of prostitution.

The alarming number of rapes, murders and burglaries has further made the once serene Goa now a very unsafe destination, with tourists opting for other destinations.

Aires Rodrigues

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