Voters can’t bear the humiliation

Please allow me to make this request to all political parties through your column. The parties, small or big, have to stop humiliating the voters. This is because we have seen for the last 20 years, various combinations which form at the time of elections. Once elected, they start negotiating for their pound of flesh. Not only this, whether the party has one seat or ten seats, whether they are from the south, north, east or west, whether they are following communism or communalism, the method applied is to pull down the government is same. They do not want the ruling party to survive without their support. Take any leader who had parted company with the ruling combine, both of the BJP-led NDA, as well as the Congress-led UPA. Their aim and destination is the same. But pulling down governments on a whim is no way for any political party to play with people. I request these parties to refrain from humiliating the voters in future.

S S Nair

Image-building at govt expense

This refers to the large-scale misuse of public funds, both by the union and state governments on multi-page newspaper-advertisements, projecting political rulers on the ev of elections. Even the Supreme Court accepted bitter reality when it commented that such photo-publicity of political personalities was not in good taste (March 3). The Congress President once publicly spoke against photos in government advertisements. Manmohan Singh, on taking charge as PM the first time, had also expressed his aversion to his photographs being used in these. But surprisingly, this trend has continued. It may be recalled that the then Delhi Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sarin had pulled up the then Delhi chief minister and her minister for getting their photos printed on application forms for ration cards.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

We’ve got the power

This refers to the editorial, ‘Over to the people’(March 6). Finally, the bugle has been sounded for the most keenly awaited election in recent times. The election is a test for more than 10- crore young voters, seasoned politicians and the Election Commission(EC) itself. After a long time, all major parties have provided thrust on effective governance and stable government—–the crying demands of our people. The new voters have the opportunity to make history, and they should not abdicate their responsibilities. In their correct choice lies the chance to wipe-off the jaded, corrupt government of the last ten years and install a vibrant, mature and clean government.

Ganapathi Bhat

Banks bogged down by bad loans

 All banks, including private sector banks are plagued by mounting bad loans. This is in spite of computerisation of bank operations, special asset recovery branches of banks, special Debts Recovery Tribunals and the SARFAESI Act, to help the bank take possession of defaulters’ assets and sell them to recover loans and asset reconstruction companies. Infusion of more capital in banks is not the solution.

All banks are on a loan-giving spree, as directed by the government. Banks are being used for social upliftment, which is the function of government, Banks are commercial establishments and not charities. As more loans go bad, to earn profits, banks have started selling insurance policies, accepting taxes and  at one time, were selling gold. These non-banking activiites cause managers so much stress that they are in no position to take care of loan porfolios. And yet, many entities want licences to start private banks.

Sudhir K Bhave

Love-cheats are legion

This refers to the report, ‘French and Italian men are biggest love-cheats’, (March 5).   The survey done by the French Institute of Public Opinion should have covered women also.   Such a survey should be done in India also, by a publication focussing on men and women.  Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce. We need look no farther than our film industry, for shining instances. Hollywood takes the cake in this regard. Love-cheats don’t spare a thought for children born through such affairs.

Not that the aam aadmi is above such dalliances. There are numerous stories of office affairs.  Very few people are courageous enough to admit that they are love-cheats.   If the prime minister or president of a nation is caught as love-cheat, the media goes to town with the disclosure.

Deendayal M Lulla 

Where should the party go?

During the ongoing election campaign, Rahul Gandhi has reportedly said that just like the Congress, which in 1947, succeeded in sending the British back home, in the 2014 LS polls, the BJP would be made to meet the same fate. Does he mean that the Saffron Party is alien to India? Where does he expect them to go after their ‘defeat’ at the hands of the ‘secular’ alliance?

Jorhat Singh

All for love – of the ‘kursi’

The only clan in the world, which even after having experienced a situation of ‘spit on their faces’ has the courage to have sweets, and in front of beaming cameras, are our politicians. Paswan, who quit NDA 12 years ago because of the Gujarat riots, returned to the NDA, that too, to strengthen the same man because of whom he had quit.  Every election throws new light on the question that there is no ideology, but just one ‘laksh’ (aim) and that is ‘kursi.’

The other common factor is the manifesto – well, a long time ago, it used to be spelt like that, but now its ‘money-first -ho.’ The sooner the aam aadmi realises it, the better it will be for him. He should not blame the party that comes to power for neglecting his needs and problems as the same was conveyed to him via the Money -first –ho.

Abdul Monim

Free Press Journal