Media mum on other escapades

Rohit Shekhar and his mother Ujjwala Sharma should be given a social bravery award for  victory in their long drawn-out court battle, when Narain Dutt Tiwari ultimately accepted Rohit Shekhar as his son publicly.  Most women, giving birth to children out of wedlock keep mum for fear of  social opprobrium. All post-retirement benefits to N D Tiwari should be denied.

It is a matter of shame for all those political heavyweights from different parties, who showered praise on N D Tiwari even after he was exposed in a sting operation for being involved in a sex racket during his tenure as Andhra Pradesh Governor.

 The Indian media, otherwise known for chasing after such sensational stories observes a mysterious silence on stories involving high-profile Indian politicians.

Madhu Agrawal

Time for others to ‘fess up

The long-dodged truth by N D Tiwari is finally laid to rest by his own admission of the fact. (March 4)  “There can be no smoke without fire,” goes a popular English saying.  Instead of dragging his feet in the courts for so many years and washing dirty linen in public, it would have been more prudent and gracious if he had silently conceded as soon as the smoke was visible.  Anyway, this should be an eye-opener for our other honourable politicians, who may already be sailing in similar boats.

K R Prithvi Raj

Forced to admit the truth

‘N.D.Tiwari finally owns up biological son’ (March 4) after an unnecessary and unsavoury legal battle that went on for some six years. The grand old stalwart of the Congress tried all manner of  tricks to deny that Rohit Shekhar was, in fact, his son born out of an extramarital affair.  But today, the DNA test has become a foolproof tool to establish one’s parentage and that came to the rescue of the young man.

V Subramanyan Iyer

Why the protracted denial?

For the aam aadmi, it would have shamed the entire family, but for a person who has held such distinguished positions as the  governor of Andhra Pradesh (AP), chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and veteran Congress leader, N D Tiwari, 89, seems to have expended considerable resources denying the truth.

Agreed that as a son Rohit, would want that his mother be respected. But who can forget that Rohit’s mother was married to another man at the time she had this son. I do not think that this case has anything to do with the dignity of either the man or the woman or true love (because as governor of  AP, Tiwari brought shame upon Raj Bhavan). But wouldn’t it have been much better if  Tiwari could have acknowledged this truth earlier?

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

For MNS, it might be encore 2009

 Nitin Gadkari is trying his level best to convince the MNS chief about the danger of splitting the anti-Congress votes. However, considering the bitter acrimony between the two cousins, it seems unlikely that the BJP leader can succeed in his efforts.  Raj would even prefer to be openly seen inclined towards the ‘secular’ combine rather than throwing his weight behind the saffron alliance. Nevertheless, Raj Thackeray should remember that in the process of playing the role of a spoilsport, the slate of his own party is going to remain totally blank, in what would be seen as an encore of 2009. Then the question the common Marathi Manoos would like to ask him would be— “If not for winning a few Parliamentary seats for your party, for what purpose you have decided to enter the electoral arena?”

Arun Malankar

Raj must bide his time

 It makes sense for Raj Thackeray’s MNS to stay out of the Parliamentary elections and thus help the Narendra Modi-led NDA to come to power at the centre. The NDA could then reciprocate by helping the MNS take on the Congress-NCP alliance with a strategic seat-sharing arrangement in the Assembly polls which are due in Maharashtra in the latter half of the year.

 Raj has a good equation with Modi and the deal helps both towards their aim of coming to power.  With Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP playing the role of a spoiler to the two major parties of the country, Raj Thackeray should play the role of a ‘healer’ and win over the voters.

 By not contesting the Lok Sabha elections, Raj Thackeray would have a vision for the future and building his innings ball by ball like in a Test match, unlike Kejriwal, who wants everything instantly, like in T-20 cricket, thus getting bowled trying to swing every delivery. Raj is a thinking and intelligent politician while Kejriwal believes in media publicity and dramatics and that could prove his downfall!

 S N Kabra

Saudi Arabia, our ally

India and Saudi Arabia’s relationship has been further buffered by Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud’s visit. The visit was of immense importance when seen in the light of Saudi Arabia’s hostility towards Iran and its long-standing friendship with Pakistan, whereas India nurtures no grudges with Iran and its relation with Pakistan needs no elaboration. India and Saudi Arabia have done well to sign a ‘security pact’, considering the importance of defence co-operation and military training to both countries. Oil trade and economic co-operation are vital for both countries as well as a mature stand on Indian expatriates in the Saudi Arabia. The flurry of exchange visits of dignitaries from both sides underscores the point that there can be no substitute for mutual talks and bilateral discussion in promoting healthy relations between two countries.

Ganapathi Bhat

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