Vandals run riot sabha?

The uproar in the Rajya Sabha, triggered by the pulling out of the chairperson’s microphone and throwing papers at him is condemnable. The mayhem staged by the elected representatives is an affront to the democratic principles of our country.

The lawmakers appear indifferent to the public money spent on conducting the business of the Houses. Regrettably, the people’s representatives conveniently forget their fundamental responsibility of aiding the lawmaking process of the country.

In the run- up to the general elections, the members must realise that the electorate have the discretion to exercise ‘ None Of The Above’ ( NOTA) option and their indecorous behaviour on the floor of the House would be detrimental to their prospects in the electoral battle. Political parties, irrespective of their ideologies, must preserve the sanctity of the Parliamentary institution.

N V Unnithan

Why he might be ‘ untouchable’

Maybe to win the hearts of the backward classes, the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi inaugurating the centenary celebrations of ‘ Kayal Samaram,’ ( Kerala’s leading scheduled community) said, “ I continue to be a victim of untouchability.” Modi is a shrewd and cunning politician, and his bringing up the issue of untouchability after mentioning the absence of Kochi City Mayor and Congress leader Tonny Chemani, who was among those scheduled to attend the function, was another political gimmick.

He willfully forgets that it is not his or others’ lower caste, but because of his past record, that controversies surround him, his blatant bluffs, halftruths, his ‘ I’m the best’ stance, his arrogance and the hate he sows in the minds of every Indian, be it the majority or the minority communities. And not only for these will he remain an untouchable to the liberal aam aadmi, but even if he becomes the country’s prime minister, the majority of the population will never forgive him.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Getting to the root of the matter

Environment Minister M Veerappa Moily has struck a positive note while reiterating his commitment to allow the field trials for the genetically modified( GM) crops.

His predecessors, Jayanthi Natarajan and Jairam Ramesh had stonewalled the proposal ostensibly under the pressure of the NGOs. Various issues like food contamination, health protection and environmental pollution were cited as reasons for stalling the testing of GM crops in India.

Now, Moily seems to be enjoying the confidence of the prime minister, as well as the support of the agriculture minister, in his endeavour. The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee( GEAC) has not met to decide on the GM crops, and the Supreme Court- appointed committee has recommended a ten- year ban on GM field testing.

Therefore, he has done well to decide to file a joint affidavit in the Supreme Court along with the agriculture ministry.

The moot question is: How does one know the merits and demerits of the GM crop if they are not allowed to be tested on a scientific basis? Mere hearsay and rumours should not smother a proper scientific temperament in the country.

Ganapathi Bhat

Lokpal Act already in place

Septuagenarian Anna Hazare has been diplomatically silent on the latter’s employing theatrics to push the ‘ Jan Lokpal’ Bill, for which he sat on a hunger strike at the Ramlila Grounds not long ago. He had, in fact, accepted the government’s Lokpal Bill, which has already come into force after the President’s assent. While a state assembly can pass any number of bills, the present case is different because there is already a government Lokpal Act, which covers the whole country and it does not make any sense to have one for Delhi alone, going against the same.

V Subramanyan Iyer

Kejriwal forgets

The Delhi CM must be aware of the fact that the National Capital Region is not a full- fledged state like Gujarat, West Bengal, Haryana or Kerala. In addition to being the capital city of the country, it enjoys special status. The city- state is headed by a Lieutenant Governor, unlike other states in India.

Therefore, any enactment proposed by its Assembly has to be first ratified by the MHA of the Union Government before it becomes law.

Hence, Kejriwal’s adamant stand on Jan Lokpal Bill is not justified and, it can very well lead to constitutional crisis.

Arun Malankar 

‘Munnabhai’ and the parole circuit

I was surprised and shocked that the actor Sanjay Dutt, better known as ‘ Munna Bhai’- has sought yet another extension of his parole. Why don’t the authorities just grant him parole till his wife is completely recovered from her ailment? In other words, he should never be put back in prison again! Shreeram Paranjpe Lesson for Devyani and other VIPs ‘ UK Immigration Minister resigns for employing illegal worker.’ I thank you for this front page report ( February 9).

The relatively unknown UK minister, Mark Harper, has shown how a top- ranking citizen should behave in political and public life. No sooner did he learn that he had broken the law, he resigned. A lesson for the rest of the world. And then, there is our Devyani Khobragade. She and her ex- IAS father created a ‘ tamasha’ in the country and in this, they were supported by the ministers and political parties that showed the world how backward we when it comes to important persons following rules and regulations.

Marcus Dabre

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