Breathtaking brazenness
The brazen shamelessness with which our so-called honorary members of the legislative assembly have gone on foreign junkets despite insulting exposes on TV debates shows that politicians have hides thicker than a rhino’s and they just couldn’t care less. They feel that once elected, they are free to indulge. However this will continue so long as people vote on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Further, they seem to not to have learnt any lessons from the emergence of the AAP. We get the rulers we deserve.
It is shocking to find that Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit-Nene and other worthies have gone to entertain the father-son duo knowing full well that the Muzaffarnagar refugees are in dire straits.
A K R Hemmady

Our intrepid globe-trotters
Not content with looting the nation, politicians have a found a new way to deplete the state exchequer. Uttar Pradesh has now degenerated into a ‘goonda pradesh’, ruled by a totally incompetent chief minister. To add insult to injury, two famous Bollywood stars who came by special chartered flights at an astronomical cost, performed at a state event and the CM joined them.
To make matters worse, 18 MLAs of the ruling party have embarked on a foreign tour covering five countries. Imagine, these uncivilised worthies are even visiting Greece, the cradle of western civilisation. Again, all this is at government expense. There is no limit to the arrogance of politicans – they think they are beyond reproach.
The same thing has been happened in Karnataka, where a bunch of MLAs have gone on a so-called study tour to exotic locales of South America and now they are gallivanting in Australia, having a ball after a brazen loot of public money.
How long must we put up with such audacity?
Saraswathy Mudaliar

Nip ‘give-and-take’ in the bud
Apropos of ‘AAP can’t sweep away graft from Indian politics’ (January 8). It is a two-headed monster, which involves both the giver and the taker and most often, the fomer is obliged to grease the palms of the officials to get their urgent and important work done without hiccups. Therefore, what is needed is a thorough overhaul of the prevailing system to see that the needs of the public are met without their having to visit the officials personally, which leads invariably to underhand dealings. Sting operations and helpline complaints alone will not do.
V Subramanyan Iyer

Bringing back Dawood
The reported statement of the MHA about talking to Pakistan for getting the gangster don back to India to face trial sounds like the most preposterous joke of all times. It is like asking a gang of dacoits to hand over one of its own. The religious bigot at Rawalpindi has been steadfastly maintaining that Dawood is not hiding in Pakistan. But was it not the same rogue regime that was telling the Americans that bin Laden was not in its country until about three years ago, when he was found well-ensconced in Abbotabad, enjoying state hospitality, that too within a short distance from a military training centre?
Vineet Phadtare

Unbearable media hype
It is reported in the media that after capturing Delhi, it is now a matter of time before the party secures a majority in the forthcoming elections to the Lok Sabha. I, for one, do not believe that the AAP has captured power in Delhi.
It is true that in its first electoral outing, it gained the support of the people, but it cannot boast that it has captured power.
Some media sections have also started predicting a majority for the party in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and the BJP has been pushed to second place. This kind of exaggeration of a party’s feat, which has yet to make its presence felt all over India, should stop.
S S Nair

Apocalypse now
The super cold wave in the US, UK, Canada and other western countries, the merciless floods and forest fires in China, India, Australia and many other parts of the world are all Mother Nature’s wake-up calls for money-grubbing man. Global warming and global cooling are the natural outcome of man’s limitless greed for money. Industries, automobiles and other fuel-burning machines spew out toxic emissions by the second. Nuclear power cannot be an option for us. The world has seen what the consequences can be. That leaves us with solar power. And while all this solar technology takes root, we must spend our time planting trees and care for them with all our heart. There is no other way to save this world.
Hansraj Bhat

AAP must value merit
It is reported that Yogendra Yadav of AAP has, of late, found that the ‘percentage’ of reservations for the lower castes is ‘low’ and hence the same is to be enhanced to provide some justice. Yadav is also said to be AAP’s candidate for the CM’s post in Haryana and has good chances of trouncing the Congress and get to govern.
Needless to say, people everywhere want development and corruption-free rule and AAP has been promising the same all the way. People also want merit to be given due weightage and hence Arvind Kejriwal, who is an IITian himself and a former IRS officer, should strongly advise the likes of Yadav to focus his mind on progressive views and not on populist platitudes, which will dry out the stream of hopes of the people and render the AAP the weakest ever party in India.
It is better wisdom dawns on the AAP as early as possible.
T M Uday Shankar

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