Let Parliament work for us
In the elections to the state assemblies, the Congress has been routed and the BJP has made gains. First and foremost, what the ruling and opposition parties should do is allow proper functioning of Parliament and discuss matters affecting the people at large. Otherwise, there is a possibility that both the main opposition, as well as the ruling parties may lose the 2014 Parliamentary election.
S S Nair

Spiralling food inflation did it
According to media reports, the Nationalist Congress Party is rethinking its alliance with the Congress Party in the context of the massive setback to the latter in the just concluded assembly elections in four states. This is nothing but the NCP trying not to own up responsibility for inflation and the price rise of essential commodities, which was in the domain of the NCP, with Sharad Pawar as the agriculture minister with bearing on food and civil supplies. It is his inept handling of the portfolio, which is primarily one of the main reasons for the Congress Party’s debacle. Like a chameleon, he is now changing colours to escape blame. Shall we call it the height of irresponsibility? The so-called veteran leader has stooped to the lowest level in dirty politics.
R N Shanbhag

AAP victory is wake-up call
The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP’s) stupendous performance in 2013 Delhi assembly election was due to voters’ disgust with the old,established order. The people in Delhi were annoyed and bored with the rot in the system. They wanted a transparent, accountable and honest political order and governance system. The anti-Congress votes were fragmented and the traditional BJP votes from the trading class, lower, middle and upper income groups, educated professionals and others were also divided, with the advent of AAP. The people are not ready to bear with the backbreaking inflation, the disgusting loot of the public purse and the mismanagement of the economy. It is possible that the people in other states may also react in a similar way if the old political order cannot deliver results. The raise of AAP in Delhi is a crucial message for all political parties in India to end their smugness.
C Koshy John

Why won’t AAP govern?
AAP may have the support of newly-educated software techies, who talk only on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, but there is a mature section of the populace which watches and wonders why it refuses to form the government. One feels that AAP should take a written undertaking from the Congress and BJP to rule even for a short period and show how things can improve with their intelligent moves. Otherwise they will meet the same fate as Napoleon, Hitler, Rajiv Gandhi. Who knows, people may prefer Sheila Dikshit again if elections are held after six months because she has provided pollution-free roads with a world class metro for Delhiites. What AAP should now do is consult some experts instead of being stubborn. The sooner they do so, the better it will be for them, as people have zero tolerance.
G Pal

Anna’s ‘anshan’- Part III
And so Anna is back to what he is best at — ‘Anshan’ — and this native of Ralegan Siddhi is pretty ‘ziddi’ about the Jan Lokpal Bill, which he has himself made into a ‘Jokepal’ . In retrospect, if only he had sat alone with the few ministers deputed to draft the Lokpal Bill without calling unknown people from Delhi, it would have seen the light of the day by now. But he chose to rope them in and they tried to push their own ideas into the draft that were not acceptable to the government. However, the government did pilot the bill through the Lok Sabha, where all the opposition parties ganged up against it and it got stuck. Hopefully it will be taken up in a few days and the septuagenarian will do well to be patient until then — there is no need for his ‘Anshan III’.
V Subramanyan Iyer

Keep your grubby hand out of sports
Politicians, businessmen and other outsiders must stay away from sports and make way for professionals. Sports in India have suffered badly because of the forced entry of politicians and businessmen, who not only see money, but also power and fame in capturing one or the other sports activities/organization, most of all cricket, which has a very massive following. There is no political bigwig who does not hold one or the other high post in the sports organisations. The Supreme Court of India has rightly warned them to leave the arena lest in due course, nothing should be left of sports. Already, thanks to the politicians, we have touched an all-time low in hockey, which is a national game and India had for years repeatedly won laurels in the world for its very outstanding performance. Fortunately, there were no politicians meddling in every sport as now.
R J Khurana

AAP dares to be different
It will indeed be unique and historical if AAP sticks by its principle not to ally with any political party, which means that they will govern only when they get a majority on their own and until then they will sit in the opposition. It is a tough call, but a daring one in this era of coalition governments. It may look ideal for many, but probably not to the members of AAP and their supporters. And should they succeed in their endeavour, they will be making history in the democratic world. And should there be a Delhi-like situation at other places after elections; voters will have to be prepared for re-elections. These re-elections will be after every six months and during these periods, there will be no governance and things will remain at standstill. Is there a lesson for the existing political parties or a lesson for AAP from them? We only need to keep our fingers crossed.
Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar

No quick fixes for obesity
It is tragic to note that Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, member of the Mysore royal family, died at the relatively young age of 60 because of obesity and related ailments.
.Lately it has been noted that instead of dangerous liposuction surgery, bariatric surgery is much safer, as it is a slower, but safer procedure unlike liposuction surgery, which is quick and often dangerous.
S P Sharma

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