Law intern case begs investigation
This refers to media reports that the intern who had levelled serious charges of molestation against a retired Supreme Court judge, has expressed dissatisfaction and humiliation with the three-judge SC panel looking at the complainant with suspicion. The Chief Justice of India, in such circumstances, should hand over the matter to investigating and intelligence agencies for a proper and unbiased probe and also to save the honour of judges, firstly because the complainant has expressed dissatisfaction with the SC probe. Secondly and more importantly, the immediate disclosure of the name of the concerned Supreme Court judge will prevent other retired judges from being unnecessarily defamed because several names are being mentioned in whispers and there is speculation in the media and in the corridors of the Supreme Court. The early disclosure of the name of the concerned judge in a time-bound period, of say three days, will prevent any such incident.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal

NRIs may not carry INR while leaving
Recently, I met a friend who was with me in college. He has settled down in the USA and had come for a visit to India. During his conversation, he asked me, what was the limit prescribed for carrying foreign exchange into India.
I explained to him, that A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) could bring US $10,000 or its equivalent (in the form of foreign currency notes, or travellers’ cheques), of which maximum US $5,000 could be in the form of currency notes, without declaring the same in the customs declaration form (CDF).
According to the regulations, any amount in excess of the above limits needs to be declared in the Customs Declaration Form. The balance amount or even the entire amount can be in the form of travellers’ cheques. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a directive that stipulates Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) will not be allowed to carry Indian currency while returning. The RBI has said NRIs leaving India will be allowed to carry only up to Rs 10,000 beyond the immigration desk to the Security Hold Area (SHA) in the departure hall in international airports in India to meet miscellaneous expenses.
Beyond the Security Hold Area (SHA), as they board the plane, NRIs will not be allowed to take any Indian currency and any non-compliance to this rule will attract penal provisions of Section 11(3) of the Act.
The RBI has said in order to provide money changing facility to the NRIs to convert unspent Indian Rupees with them, foreign exchange counters in the departure halls in international airports in India may be established. Such foreign exchange counters however, only buy Indian Rupees from non-residents and sell foreign currency to them subject to usual terms and conditions. Suitable display at these counters are put up to remind passengers that the area is the last point for non-residents to possess Indian Rupees (INR).
My friend made note of this in his iPhone as a reminder, on the date he was leaving, to not carry Indian Rupees on board his flight back to the USA.
T S Tijoriwala
(The writer is a lawyer practising in India and is a consultant
to diverse NRIs and their business interests in India.)

Case far from closed
The last word has not yet been spoken on the Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj murder case. One of India’s greatest murder mysteries has seen many twists and turns. The case is a classic example of how investigations on a murder should not be done. From the word go, the investigation was sloppy and unprofessional. Evidence was tampered with, and crucial links were not allowed to join to form a solid case. The local police revealed their insensitivity by casting aspersions on Aarushi, and by revealing more than what they should have done. The CBI, sadly, did no better. By filing its closure report in the case, India’s premier investigative agency’s cluelessness and inept skills bewildered all who believed in its abilities. The agency’s ‘blind case’ theory was, however, trashed by the court which ordered continuation of the trial.
The CBI neither presented key exhibits to the court nor did it examine all important witnesses. Also, how the CBI turned the closure report itself into a chargesheet, defied logic. That the CBI could argue its case based only circumstantial evidence, without stable material evidence, leaves more questions than answers. It’s time for the higher courts, when they come into the picture, to frame concrete guidelines on investigations in murder cases.
Ganapathi Bhat

Big pharma, little pills
Lately it has been noted that pharmaceutical companies, whose medicine and tablets are in great demand have reduced the size of tablets, ostensibly to earn more profit at the cost of the health of users. In particular, I have noticed that the size of Bcosule, Revital, Montex LC and the shape and size of Crocin has also changed and the prices have also increased.This is my personal experience. There could be other instances too. As a result, people have to take a larger dose than usual. What an utterly shameful, unethical and disgraceful state of affairs. Will the concerned authorities please make a note of it and take the necessary action?
S P Sharma

Matters far from laid to rest
There is a slip between the cup and the lip in the sensational Aarushi-Hemraj double murder verdict, as Aarushi’s parents have been found guilty by the CBI courts of killing the duo. It is hard to believe that parents can kill their daughter and even harder to believe the CBI, which has found the Talwars guilty without direct evidence and proof in the case.
The doors are still open for the Talwars to challenge this judgment and one hopes the case is reopened, so that the facts come out.
One must not forget that Aarushi’s parents were given a clean chit in the case before and it was they themselves who wanted the CBI to investigate the case and nail the culprit. The CBI has done a flip-flop in the investigation, where witnesses sought by the Talwars were not examined and guilt has been sought to be established with half-truths and presumptions that they were the likely suspects as the crime happened at their place.
S N Kabra

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