Madras Cafe’: It’s growing intolerance
The controversy over the release of ‘Madras Cafe’ in Tamil Nadu is another indication of growing intolerance to views and ideas especially when the Narendra Dobhalkar murder has taken the country by storm. The opponents of the movie have argued that there has been a wrong depiction of the Eelam struggle. They are miffed at the way the LTTE cadres are being shown in a poor light. The Tamil Nadu government went an extra mile to organise special screening for protestors. The Censor Board, therefore, has been reduced to a state of redundancy.
The release of “Thalaivaa” has also run into trouble. Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the government, as firmly pointed out by the Supreme Court on an earlier occasion. Social disharmony cannot be justified for the government to try and make peace with potential law-breakers.
Ganapathi Bhat

Mumbai turns into another Bihar
Mumbai has turned into another Bihar or Delhi as women are raped without an iota of fright as law and order situation on this count has gone for a toss. The gangrape of the photojournalist clearly shows women are no loner safe in the commercial capital of India. In today’s age of hi-tech technology we only need to put the technology in place to nab offenders of crime.
Also, cases of rapes & molestation should be tried in fast courts with stern punishment to those found guilty like public flogging to death to act as a stern reminder to future offenders. Make prostitution legal with health cards at isolated earmarked places so that the frustrated can satisfy their lust in a legalized way rather than committing crimes in public & creating panic.
Satya Narayan Kabra

Conduct a slum survey
If migrants are involved in such heinous crimes (gangrapes), a slum survey should be conducted on a war footing and all such illegal immigrants should be deported forthwith. The disparity of male population vs the female population is also alarming. Mumbai city is made up of a huge single male migrants. Against this, the strength of the police force is woefully inadequate. Stringent steps need to be taken to make Mumbai a safe city!
K V Satyamurty

Fair sex is unsafe
After the gangrape of a young photojournalist at Mahalaxmi, people feel the Central govt is still
not woken up to implement the new law to ‘protect’ the fair sex after the the gangrape of Nirbhaya in the national capital. Culprits should be awarded capital punishment. Until such swift and strict steps are taken, the fair sex will not be safe in in India.
Hansraj Bhat

VHP yatra will create problems
The VHP yatra to Ayodhya is politically motivated to support BJP in the forthcoming 2014 general elections. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s pointman Amit Shah who is in-charge of the Uttar Pradesh campaign, is the strong supporter of Hindutva. This proves the Ayodhya issue is once again being raked up by Hindu fundamentalists. Raking up the Ayodhya issue is bound to create explosive situation. With Modi as the head of the BJP’s poll committee, it will not be surprised if that party’s manifesto of growth and governance is replaced by Hindutva.
Bhagwan Thadani

Train driver can’t be faulted
The editorial, “An avoidable tragedy” (Aug.22), has rightly said that the train driver can’t be faulted for the death of pilgrims at the Dhamara Ghat station in Khagaria district of Bihar. Pilgrims who alighted from the train on the wrong side of the train, had no business to be on the rail tracks. It is a case of trespassing of the railway property. Not only the pilgrims broke law, they also indulged in arson
by setting fire to several bogies, and assaulting
the driver.
Deendayal M Lulla

Army should keep Dragon at bay
It has been reported by intelligent sources that Pakistan’s terrorist organisations have been grouped together and are being given special training in Jafna to carry out subversions in southern states.
Pakistan repeatedly violates the ceasefire agreement at the LoC. China too is provoking India by violating the LAC at the border of Arunachal Pradesh. In fact, the Chinese have made Indian territory their picnic spot by camping inside for days together. This “atithee devo bhava.” attitude will prove very costly to India. The Indian Army should, therefore, keep off the Dragon.
Vijay D Patil

Will CR put up benches on platforms?
The Western Railway has provided over 60 benches on the platforms of the Churchgate station. This is a good sign of caring for passengers.
Unlike the Western Railway, the Central Railway has failed to make such arrangement on its seven platforms. Will the GM of the Central Railway follow the example of the Western Railway?

BJP’S gamble on ‘NaMo’
Anil Sharma’s article ‘Modi becomes BJP’s dilemma’ (August 23) says it all eloquently and well. He has pointed out that after appointing Modi as the poll panel chief, the next natural step should have been to have anointed him as its PM candidate but, somehow, this has not come about so far and the Lotus party seems to be still fighting shy of it. The writer rightly concludes that the main Opposition party has to live with this dilemma.
V Subramanyan Iyer

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