Ex-MLAs make hay, we get pitchforked
It is shocking to know that the pension received by former MLAs in Maharashtra is higher than that of even former MPs (August 6). Further, this amount was increased without much debate, it would appear, in 2 minutes, just like Maggi noodles. This pension is not only for ex- MLAs, but will continue for their nominees, in the event of the MLA’s demise. As usual, this is loyalty towards this so-called sevak, at the cost of the honest taxpayer. By the way, our neighbouring state of Gujarat has no such pension scheme for former legislators.
The question is, how does this hike help with our state’s budget deficit?
Bhavesh Jani

MLAs’ pension, aam aadmi’s tension
It was shocking to read that former MLAs are going to get more pension, as high as Rs 40,000, thanks to a bill passed by the Maharashtra Legislature (August 6). It’s an irony that those who are mainly responsible for the common man’s growing woes due to the constant price rise, thanks to the former’s faulty policy decisions, are getting extra benefits. In fact, their pension should be scrapped altogether and the funds the state exchequer would thereby save should be used to bring down the rising prices of basic commodities.
Sunil Naik

Rasool ‘s non-debut heartbreaking
In the recent ODI series against poor Zimbabwe, the biggest surprise was the omission of the Kashmiri cricketer, Parvez Rasool, from the playing eleven in any of the five matches. Cricket lovers are puzzled about this because even after India was assured of a series win (after a 3-0 lead in the five ODI series), why wouldn’t Indian captain Virat Kohli not give Rasool a chance to make his international debut?
Was it not an ideal series where every player got at least one game to play? As a victorious captain, Kohli may have many reasons for not giving Rasool a chance, but the cricket lovers are fully aware that such favouritism will be shown in the future too, because team selection is the prerogative of the captain and the team management, whereas the country’s aspirations and doing the right thing is secondary.
Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Kohli erred
This refers to your article ‘Kohli defends decision to keep Rasool out'(August 5).
Virat Kohli did not do the right thing by keeping out Parvez Rasool in Zimbabwe. Rasool was included in the team to give rest to R Ashwin. Zimbabwe is a weak team. So, Rasool should have been included at least in the last two games, since by then India had won the series 3-0.The people of Jammu and Kashmir would have been happy, as no cricketer from this state has played for India. Now, against stronger teams, Ashwin will be back. Now Rasool must wait some more in order to make his debut. Such treatment would demoralise any cricketer.
Ravichandran Swaminathan

For want of a ‘godfather’
India whitewashed Zimbabwe with ease and the 5-0 drubbing received by the hosts at the hand of their opponents was expected. However, one was surprised and shocked that Jammu and Kashmir player Parvez Rasool was not given a single game, when it was a great opportunity to groom youngsters from smaller states. Why was he selected at all, then? Perhaps, on top of being extremely talented, one is supposed to have a ‘godfather’ to play for India.
S N Kabra

Rasool’s omission upsetting
Indian skipper Virat Kohli can defend his decision to keep J&K spinner Parvez Rasool out of the Indian side for reasons best known to him. Kohli has forgotten his role in the Indian team in the past. Even with Tendulkar, Ganguly, Sehwag and Gambhir playing in the side, he still got his chance, with the rotational policy of the Indian team.
Kohli is adamant in saying that if the J&K spinner plays more series, he will get a few games to test his skill. For testing the skill of a bowler, the weak Zimbabwe side is the best option. Jadeja could have been dropped and paved the way for Rasool’s entry as a spinner. But we are fond of records and Jadeja did make it to top of the bowling chart in the ICC ratings.
C K Subramaniam

That foreign hand again
It could be sheer coincidence or may be a well-knit ruse on the part of the ruling alliance to divert the public attention from a number of serious problems faced by the country. Whenever the
UPA-II government finds itself in the midst of in an uncomfortable situation that threatens to impinge upon its credibility, one finds the news of Chinese incursions into Indian territory circulating in the media, print as well as electronic. This, the secular conglomerate feels, is the only way to wriggle out of a tight situation. They feel that alerting the nation about the danger of an external aggression is the best remedy that can serve as a smoke-screen to insulate them from facing the wrath of the people.

Arun Malankar Purposeful leak
The UPA chairperson reportedly wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for prevailing upon the UP government to ensure that the young IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpaul is not harmed. She also allowed the leakage of the information of her writing such a letter to the media. The purported communication was intended to create documentation about the Congress attempt to prevent wrongdoing in the country. Where most vital decisions are taken behind closed doors and then a sanitised version of events presented to us, what could possibly be the object of leaking such information to the media?
N K Das Gupta

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