Which doctor is in the house?

The news item, ‘Homeopaths breach the allopath firewall’(January 10) is no cause for jubilation. I shudder to think what would happen to me when I am admitted to an hospital in a few years from now for any old age-related ailment? By then, will the resident doctors in hospitals be homeopaths, Ayurvedic doctors and Unani practitioners to treat me for my emergency conditions? I am toying with the idea of writing a will to the effect that, should I go in delirium or coma, my nearest and dearest had better admit me to a veterinary hospital instead. Why not? For our progressive Maharashtra government, treatment is treatment, what does it matter which doctor it comes from?

R N Shanbhag

UP govt has lost its way

The Uttar Pradesh government appears to have totally lost its seriousness of purpose, its sense of obligation towards its citizens, sincerity and transparency, considering the way it conducted the Saifai Mahotsav.  The manner in which the government has thrown all norms of decency to the winds to hold this cultural festival is shocking.

The event could have been a simple, no frills affair. The duty of an elected government is to try its best to alleviate people’s sufferings. Whether or not it succeeds in its mission is a subject of speculation and a matter of conjecture. However, lack of this intent has been revealed by the actions and words of top SP leaders.

It is also highly appalling that many MPs have taken  time off to study abroad, when they would have served their people well by their sheer presence in their own constituencies or could have boosted the morale of the people languishing in the Muzaffarnagar camps by visiting them. Here again, the UP government has timed its decision badly.

Ganapathi Bhat

Killing indifference

The greatest challenge to India’s future is neither dwindling natural resources, nor even corruption or the divisively fractured political establishment, but the deeply pervasive, abject indifference of a wide swath of our population.

Those with capacity and resources maroon the trust and fabric of nation selfishly, with abject disregard for morality, ethics and the making of a capable nation. The rest, a vast majority, daily struggle to cope with hyper-inflation, unable to think about the road ahead.

Diminutive forces drowning our nation will become fearful, once the challenge to them presents itself and grows. Only then will the foundation of our challenge be strong enough to sustain a long drawn out struggle for real independence, regaining heritage as a virtuous nation.

Subrahmanian S H

AAP must take care

That great Tamil master of wisdom, Thiruvalluvar, had said, ‘You may be a well-learnt person, but if you do not know how to adjust yourself with the changes taking place in the world around you, all your learning will be of no use!’ By this, he did not mean one should become corrupt or to take to violence, but to ‘adjust’ oneself for ‘self-defence’ because of the  dangers around us!

After the incident at Ghaziabad, where the AAP offices were vandalised, how wise is the decision of its leaders to eschew security?  The hopes of millions are riding on them and we hope they will serve us well and for long, but they must at least put in place minimal security measures at least. Why, the Supreme Court has already said that violence in self-defence is justified under our ‘Right to Live’.

The rational question is: Is there any political party in India which does not use violence or use the services of goons for survival or to win elections ? Not a single party can pass this  test! The grassroot level of party workers of every blessed political party is managed by rowdies and lumpen elements! Many Parliamentarians have criminal cases pending against them, pertaining to murder and rape and robbery! So, what is stopping AAP from protecting itself?

J D Benedict Thyagarajan

Prodigal son returns

‘A quiet welcome for Yeddy in BJP’ reads a headline (January 10) and the news is indeed amusing.  Here is a former chief minister who went about openly declaring nonchalantly “Yes. I am corrupt. So what?”, defied the party high command’s diktats in all possible ways and floated his own political outfit to cap it all.  And now he is being welcomed into the party fold with open arms for the simple reason that he has a solid block of Lingayat votes with him and the Lotus Party, which is desperate to have one foot in the south, does not want to lose that.  And so all its high moral sermons are clearly gone with the wind!

 V Subramanyan Iyer

Good governance alone will help

The AAP appears to be in hurry to endear itself to the public by playing to the gallery through cheap gimmicks, asking that sting operations continue.  While one can understand the eagerness of the newfound party to deliver, dealing with this malaise in the set-up cannot be left to media exposes through sting operations. The media can only give a sample survey of its views as a responsible pillar in democracy and it is not a substitute for proper governance.

V N Ramachandran

History repeats itself

The student agitation in support of the treatment meted out to Prof Hatekar reminds me of a similar situation in the year 1959. Then, the students of the University of Bombay went on strike to protest against the suspension of one Prof Lavande. The present case thus becomes an event of history repeating itself in the academic field.

Arun Malankar

But for the public outcry…

The appropriate course for Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly would have been to put in his papers and insist on a credible investigation, when a law intern brought charges against him.  Clinging to his office as the chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission on narrow technicalities, Justice Ganguly has set a shabby example.  Had it not been for the tide of public opinion against him and the centre seeking a presidential reference, Justice Ganguly might have not resigned. The SC should have taken more stringent action against him after an internal inquiry showed that there was some merit in the intern’s charge.

C Koshy John

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