Wait, What? Kid Paints Entire Kitchen With Nutella In Viral TikTok Video

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 14, 2023

Love Nutella? You probably enjoy having it with some bread, but here's a bizarre case that will make you laugh and say "Oh, what?"

In a TikTok video that has gone viral and caught the attention of netizens, a kid turned his parents' kitchen chocolatey. That happened quite literally as the little one painted the place with Nutella.

The video started showing a white-painted kitchen which later turned into a chocolate zone.

"Covering my parents kitchen in Nutella," read the video caption.

The TikTok video showed visuals of the kitchen coated with Nutella, as much as someone could lick that all from the floor to the ceiling.

From the racks, and cupboards, to the sink in the kitchen, everything was filled with Nutella. Also, this wasn't the first time that the kid did something like that.

Earlier, they dressed the whole kitchen with money - that's unclear whether it was real or fake currency.

In a similar case, the kitchen was also filled with loaves of bread. It was termed "Bread Prank."

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