Viral WhatsApp Chat: Word 'Sale' Sparks Laughter As It Holds Way Too Different Meanings In English & Hindi

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 21, 2023

In the times when Hinglish is most people's way of conversing with each other in daily lives, confusion does occur when words said with one meaning are understood otherwise.

How would you read 'sale' when someone typed and sent it to you?

If you did it the English way, you are doing good and getting to go for shopping. But the word doesn't go well when understood as per its meaning in the Hindi language, as it happens to be a cuss word.

A similar situation took place during a conversation between WhatsApp users. Their chat surfaced online and has now gone viral, leaving netizens laughing over the confusion.

When a person was chatting with their account manager and was asked to share an invoice for GST verification, things got tricky due to language, precisely the term 'Sale.'

When the person clarified whether they had to send the sale invoice or purchase invoice, the prior term was misinterpreted by the manager who confused it with the Hindi reference. However, it was later sorted out among the two parties. "Gali nahi sir, Sale English word hai," the WhatsApp message read.

As the WhatsApp chat shared on Reddit went viral, netizens reacted to it. The text messages triggered laughter in them. One of them commented: "I first read it as saale ... Then after reading next 2 words I was like : sale hai ye (sic)."

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