VIRAL PHOTO FACT CHECK: Internet misleadingly shares picture of RJ Sayema as Karnataka pro-hijab protestor Muskan Khan

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 16, 2023

Social media users might have come across this picture which went viral on the internet with the claim that it shows "pro-hijab activist Muskan Khan without hijab in London." However, the claim is misleading as the images refer to two different females - RJ Sayema and Muskan Khan.

The niqab-clad woman seen in one of the images was Muskan, the pro-hijab protestor from Karnataka who went viral for openly chanting "Allah Hu Akbar" and standing up for her rights in the premises of an educational institute.

Recently, Muskan's image was clubbed with a picture of radio host and voice artist RJ Sayema and circulated online with misleading claims.

The viral image falsely pointed out that Muskan ditched her ideology when in London and decided to pose in western wear. But, the image from London captured Sayema and not Khan.

RJ Sayema herself clarified the matter and slammed those spreading false information. Her Twitter account also had the original images of her clicked in London.

Taking to Twitter in this regard, Sayema wrote, "These buggers have no other work! More power to #Muskan The first picture is mine. The other picture is that of Muskan. (sic)"

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