This US Man Is Father To More Than 160 Kids, Says He'll Stop When He Turns 50

By: Rahul M | June 17, 2024

We just celebrated Father's Day on June 16, and in the midst of this occasion here's someone the internet who is going viral on the internet.

While your father would have received wishes from you and your siblings, a man from the US attracted more than 160 greetings on this day.

Ari Nagel, an American from Brooklyn, is father to 165 kids. His youngest child was born this June.

Termed as "The Sperminator," Nagel has made the headlines for becoming a father for the 165th time.

He reportedly provides sperms to one or two aspiring mothers every week, either through clinics or through other non-sexual meet-ups.

"Having lots of kids can bring a lot of happiness..." he was quoted as saying in a news report, which mentioned that the US man has also met most of his kids.

Now 48, Nagel hopes to stop sperm sharing when he turns 50. By then, he vows to try pulling up the count from 165 to 175 children.