School Reopens: Goodbye Summer Vacation! 7 Funny Memes That Every Student Will Find Relatable This June

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 12, 2023

New academic year is set to begin this June with some states announcing the reopening of their schools. Are you ready for the first day of your school and saying goodbye to a lovely summer vacation? Here are some memes just for you!

Being back to school is fun for some, but a lazy moment for others. Which type of a student are you?

It's time you pack your bag and get school ready. Oops, did we hear you saying that you can't really find your school bag? We wish your favourite cartoon character Dora could come for help...

When the day finally arrives and the alarm rings... (this meme says it all)

Waiting for the school bus, and looking at the clock to ensure you haven't missed it.

Did you forget something? Oh, the homework. We hope that your friend either is on the same boat or helps to complete it sooner.

One of the hilarious and relatable memes about school days. We caught you laughing!

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