'RIP To Being Kid-Free': 23-Year-Old Shares Pics From Her 'Funeral-Themed' Pregnancy Photoshoot

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 29, 2023

A Facebook user named Cheridan Logsdon from Frankfort has caught the attention of social media users for her unusual pregnancy photoshoot.

The 23-year-old woman who is expected to deliver a baby this October shared pictures from her 'funeral-themed' photo session on Facebook, leaving people wondering why.

What made her theme a welcoming and happy event to a funeral? Her post caption said it all as she wrote, "R.I.P to being kid-free!"

In the pictures shared by the to-be mother, she posed like she was crying at the funeral of her childhood, followed by embracing the next phase of her life of being a birthgiver.

As the camera clicked her, Logsdon held copies of her medical scans showing the baby's development in her womb.

"I’m truly excited to start this new chapter in my life," she said further in her Facebook post.

Pictures from her photoshoot where she wore black clothes, head crown of black roses, and posed as if she were shedding tears while attending a funeral have gone viral.

Netizens found it adorable and commented saying, "Congratulations. This is too cute."

She even announced the date of her little one's gender reveal. "Save the date: 10/8."

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