Maharashtra Tourism Introduces Non-Mumbaikars With Popular Hindi Slangs; Instagram Post Goes Viral

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 15, 2023

You would love to know how Maharashtra Tourism celebrated Hindi Diwas (Sept. 14) with an interesting post addressing the popular slang words used in a Mumbaikar's life.

The page shared a list of words and phrases that didn't literally mean what they said but had a meaning that only pro-Mumbaikars would know. To begin with, they reflected on how "Bole toh" from Mumbaiya or Bambaiyya Hindi doesn't exactly translate to "What if they speak?"

As one kept on swiping through the informative images on the IG post, they were briefed about the slang and its most apt meanings, similar to how "Chipka daal" would not hint at sticking something but giving a slap.

Any guesses on "Paka Mat?" You aren't getting that right if you said it is associated with cooking or kitchen chores as the maximum city pulls out these words to ask someone to stop bluffing.

In case you knew that "Khajoor" doesn't only refer to "dates" but an "idiot" in Mumbaiya Hindi, we must say that you are a pro-Mumbaikar purportedly using these slang terminologies quite often.

The post also pointed out that the term "Rawas" would be used as a word of appreciation and praise.

Another phrase mentioned there was "Hila daal," which refers to not shaking or moving but leaving someone stunned. "Baffle them," read the text on the viral post.

Thousands of Instagram users liked the creative post. One of the comments praised it in a slang style and read, "Bole toh ekdam jhakaas! ((It is superb)"

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