Italian Influencer Deletes Insta Post After It Stirs Controversy, Offends Cancer Survivours

By: Rahul M | January 31, 2024

Italian influencer Giulia Nati deleted her controversial post that took the internet by storm for allegedly offending cancer survivours.

She was recently seen posting a reel showing her resting on a treatment bed where the oxygen supply was replaced by a hot red Herm├Ęs bag.

She wore an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose and was surrounded by several pricey handbags instead of actual medical equipment apart from the IV administration tube.

Her reel kept on beeping, mimicking a vital signs monitor as it featured alongside a bag-based IV drip.

Several cancer survivours including popular actress Carolina Marconi slammed her post and noted it being offensive. To this, Nati responded and asked to "talk privately."

While the post is now unavailable on her Instagram page, several others have reshared the clip amid the outrage.

However, some still believe that Nati's video has nothing to hurt cancer patients or survivours. They see it as a "just light-hearted video."