FPJ Rewind 2022: From 'Kovid' to 'Ayesha', 15 people who went viral this year, in pics

By: Swarna Srikanth | December 29, 2022

2022 is soon to end and it's time to rewind the moments when ordinary people went viral on the internet. Be it the man who gained popularity for having a name similar to COVID-19 or the Pakistani girl who took internet by storm for her dance moves on Lata ji's Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja, take a look into people who went viral this year

To begin with, the days of COVID-19 in early 2022 saw a man named "Kovid Kapoor" create buzz on social media for his name seeming similar to the pandemic. The entrepreneur and co-founder of Holidify, shared tweets and updated his bio to read, "My name is Kovid and I'm not a virus."

What a transformation, isn't it? A 60-year-old daily wage labourer from Kerala turned model in 2022 and his photoshoot went viral on Instagram. He has been identified as Mammikka.

Instagram: Sharik Vayil

Another such episode showed a balloon seller turn model and attract praise for her stunning looks. The Rajasthani girl named Kisbu was spotted by a wedding photographer who shared her makeover clicks on his Instagram handle, and that eventually won hearts of the internet.

Instagram Arjun Krishnan

Coming to the sports arena, it was during the final T20 world cup match between England and Pakistan that the latter found their new meme guy. Mohammad Akhtar was the name of the meme guy who went viral in 2019 for his frustrated looks from the stadium, and in 2022 the cricket game saw an update to the meme fun.

We can't deny that the last months of 2022 were all about the widespread football craze due to the FIFA world cup in Qatar. It was then that a 'metro man' directing people towards the train station caught the attention of netizens. The Kenyan man has been identified as Abubakar Abbas.

Another official from the football match venue surfaced on social media. The traffic cop, Dennis Mochu Kamau, went viral for his quirky usage of yellow and red cards to signal people about road safety and traffic norms.

Remember the break up story that went viral on social media as a friend allegedly leaked a call recording of the private talk? Akash and Vanshika went viral for their break up story that received mixed reactions from netizens, while some condemned it getting public and going viral, some light-heartedly shared memes towards the case.

In a not-so-pleasant scenario, a Korean influencer visiting Mumbai went viral. Identified as Hyojeong Park, popular online as Mhyochi, was dragged, kissed, and eve-teased when she was live on Twitch.

Another influencer took to set a social media trend with her dancing moves. Pakistani girl named Ayesha went viral for grooving to Lata Mangeshkar's "Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja" song in a wedding function.

Talking of music and dance, a youth named Shiv performing at Mumbai's Marine Drives went viral for impressing the city police with his "Kesariya" cover.

In a similar case, the year also saw 12-year-old Debraj Bhattacharya go viral for performing on the streets near Mumbai's Churchgate Station.

Couple goals! An elderly couple went viral from Kerala as they stood near metro station selling peanuts to earn their living. Their video surfaced on Twitter and touched thousands of netizens emotionally.

Another couple who impressed the internet were touring in a Kolkata metro when a co-passenger filmed them and made them go viral for their cuteness. The duo, originally from Chennai, were struggling to capture a perfect selfie together during their travel.

Instagram @_kalpak_photography_

Meanwhile, one can't miss on how potholes stole the limelight with bizarre protest patterns. A man from Kerala named Hamza Porali, whom people found to be a doppelganger of Ramdev Baba, was seen bathing in a pothole to draw attention towards the poor condition of roads there.

A bride from Kerala went viral for featuring a pothole in her wedding photoshoot.

Instagram/ arrow wedding company