Barack Obama & Angela Merkel's beach day; artist creates AI images of the duo

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 21, 2023

Former US President Barack Obama and German ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel's AI pictures are doing rounds on social media

All picture credit Julien Al Art

Artist 'Julien Al Art' shared these AI images on Instagram

The images depict the former leaders enjoying a beach day together

The pictures have stunned netizens as the use of AI is continued to create people and places

The artist had posted the these images on Saturday and since then, the post has more than 3,500 likes

Netizens are blown away by the realistic pictures created by AI

Some users feared that AI's ability to create near-accurate images of people might get scary in future

Barack and Angie, an unlikely pair at the beach as created by AI

Artist 'Julien Al Art' most uncommon pair has taken the internet by storm

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